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Dec 16, 1998 04:55 PM

the candy cottage

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If you liked playing Candy Land, you'll love
visiting the Candy Cottage on Wantagh Avenue (near the
Sunrise Highway) in Wantagh, Long Island. Easy to miss,
the cottage is a small two story house set back a
little off the road. Look for the candy canes near the
door. They have a huge array of candy-making supplies,
from bags of dark chocolate (also available - pastels)
to every conceivable candy mold to boxes and bags for
the finished product. Upstairs, is the cake department,
where all those fancy cake molds from holiday to
cartoon characters sit next to tons of wedding cake
items. When we went, an enormous orange corn syrup
turkey rested on top of the cash register. Where else
could you buy Gummy Bills? - a bag of candies in the
shape of Bill Clinton's head? We spent this afternoon
tempering chocolate with our new candy thermometer, and
dipping walnut halves, cashews, and dried cranberries.

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