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Dec 3, 1998 07:57 PM

Tre Angelina / White Plains

  • j

Met friends for dinner up north at a new place on
Mamaroneck Ave. called Tre Angelina last weekend.
Above average No. Italian fare but the young couple who
own the place set the tone for a real relaxed,
hangoutable atmosphere. Their family also owns
Angelina's in East Norwich and Angelina's II in
The food was good and their choice of CDs was nice
(Miles Davis, Coltrane etc.) Great homemade tiramisu
and perfect espresso.
Regards, JK

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  1. Just so happens, the owner is my hairdresser. She's a
    lovely person and told me they were doing very well.
    Haven't been able to get there yet but I'm looking
    forward to it. My friend has been there twice and
    enjoyed it.