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Oct 30, 1998 08:25 AM

westchester eats

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we ate at "the cornerstone" in katonah, 914 232 9104. italian/meditt/contemporary food. I recommend it, give it a try. along the lines of cafe stegga in pleasantville.

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    I'll keep it in mind. Is it in the middle of town?
    The only place I've ever eaten in downtown Katonah is
    the Italian restaurant in the old train station -- the
    name slips my mind -- which we chose out of desparation
    because everything else was closed or full. It turned
    out to be quite decent Roman-style cooking.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      its about 1 mile off of the saw mill pkwy/rt 35. maybe less

      1. re: stephen kaye
        Harris Gershman

        Yeah, I think this is the place that just transformed
        itself, at the insistence of the townsfolk, from a
        raucous biker, rock band, sun/mon football bar
        featuring better than average SoWest menu into its
        present high end bistro.

    2. Tried Cornerstone Friday, 12/19. Just OK. VERY noisy
      and it wasn't full. Overzealous waitstaff, but where
      are they when you need them! 2 appetizers,2 entrees
      one bottle of wine($26), one dessert,two coffees.