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Oct 17, 1998 05:06 PM

Good food between Albany and Westchester

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I am looking for a good restaurant about
halfway between Albany and Westchester, New
Rochelle to be exact.

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  1. I recommend stopping in Rhinebeck. I'm sorry that I
    can't offer any names, but it's a tiny town and there
    are several very nice restaurants, so if you just walk
    for about four blocks, you'll have plenty of choices.
    During the summer I stopped there an picked a converted
    ice cream parlor on the main drag that served simple
    but impressive food -- everything was quite good, and
    they specialized in home made ice creams baked goods.
    Dinner for two was under $50.

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    1. re: Fred Goodman

      Marcel's in West Park on Rt9W on the west side of the
      hudson. It's about a 25 minute ride from
      Poughkeepsie, Excellent food and service.

      Also the Locust Tree in New Paltz

      1. re: Pat

        The Depuy Canal House in High Falls is one of the best restaurants in NYS. Exciting, eclectic, expensive. Old country inn. Great food and atmosphere.

    2. I second the vote for Rhinebeck - I ate in the chinese
      rest off main st - forget the name - very good.
      Beekman Inn - upscale tavern - supposedly the oldest in
      America has been reviewed well.

      Another suggestion is the restaurants in the CIA
      )Culinary Institute of America) I have heard good
      reviews on the Italian one, but there are several.

      good luck

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      1. re: Bob Loparo
        Steven Cangemi Red Hook, New York

        The Chinese Restaurant mentioned is the Millhouse Panda
        at 19-21 West Market Street, (914)876-2399. They are
        pretty good.

      2. Try The Swiss Hutte at the Catamount Ski area in Hillsdale. They serve old-fashioned Swiss-restaurant food--schnitzels, roast chicken, rosti potatoes, herring, rich desserts--plus some more modern dishes. It's all done really professionally and consistently, and there's a nice fireplace in the bar (alas, there's also smoking). Plus it's a chance to escape from the Mediterranean-cuisine mania.