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Bar food in Block Island

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  • Jeremy Osner Sep 21, 1998 07:36 AM
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We spent Saturday riding our bicycles around Block
Island, and had lunch at an okay bar called Mohegan
Cafe and Brewery. The beer was a bit weak, and a lot of
the menu looked kind of pretentious (e.g. my
favorite item name was "Southwestern style crab cakes",
???). But the simpler dishes we stuck to were very
good. I had fish and chips; a fried whitefish filet,
french fries (not homemade), and tasty homemade cole
slaw. Ellen had the veggie pita, which was a huge
sandwich with all kinds of veggies in it; bell peppers,
carrots, cabbage, etc.

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  1. The Atlantic Inn has the best bar food. The restaurant
    is good there too, but more expensive.

    The favorite spot to eat in town is Eli's--named after
    his dog. But no pooches served there. Just good food
    and plenty of it. Go early in the summer, because it
    fills up quickly.