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Sep 11, 1998 10:57 PM

Rainforest Cafe

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they open a new themed tropical restaurant in Westbury on the 2nd level at The Soucre Mall. the name of it is called Rainforest Cafe. I ate there 2 times. it is very good and the best. it became an award winning themed restaurant. it looks very nosiy there. a lots of kids love it so much. it has a lots of good things like Thunderstorms, Gigantic Aquareuims,
Live Parrots, Talking Tree, Magic Mushroom Juice and Coffee Bar and much more they have there. Rainforest Cafe is trying to open a 2nd Long Island location in Lake Grove at the Smith Haven Mall and also in New York City in Times Square. there is also a Rainforest Cafe in West Nayck at the Palisades Cneter and they all over the USA ans International.

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