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Sep 2, 1998 05:39 PM

Cafe at Woodstock

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Just killing time last Saturday in Woodstock and felt completely unexcited by any of the restaurants there and resigned ourselves to Joshua's, the Middle Eastern Place (which used to be a sort of co-op soup kitchen back in the old days, I've heard). As we were waiting for a table to open up, we read the new Ulster County magazine and on the cover was an ad for "The Cafe," at the Woodstock Lodge, a new restaurant behind a school, a little out of town at 77 Country Club Lane off Route 375. We ditched Joshua's and dined on the generous portions of steak tartare appetizer, and a garlic-caper-sundried tomato-red pepper chicken entree, lobster ravioli, house salad and a bottle of our favorite Orvieto, black forest cake and some sort of icecream and fruit (I can't remember exactly what I had for dessert--the wine, I suppose) all for a mere 53 bucks plus a tip. It's great when you expect so little and feel as though you've turned up a gem. The service is friendly and attentive. All in all, pretty good offering for the area.

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