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Aug 24, 1998 01:29 PM

Maximes: Upscale in Westchester

  • j

We took my parents to Maxime's this weekend for their
anniversary. It was my first time at this
close-to-the-top-rated Westchester fixture. It was
very good. Very expensive, too, but worth it.

The cuisine is classic French: very rich, lots of
butter and cream, three kinds of duck on the menu, a
cheese course, souffle for dessert. It's not my
favorite kind of food -- I prefer lighter fare
emphasizing the tastes of the individual ingredients --
but it is very well done indeed and everything was

Unless you're doing a whole lot better than I am, you
wouldn't want to go there more than very occasionally:
Dinner is $60 prix fixe. They also serve a Sunday
brunch, but I didn't see a menu so I don't know any

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  1. I just thought I'd mention that Maximes has closed. A new place by the name of The Road House will be opening there in two weeks. I called the other day (long story short: they are listed in iDine but with Maxime's old Zagat rating/listing so I called to see what was going on; turns out Maximes closed this summer, some brothers bought the location and a NYC chef is opening it soon). He claims their menu will be like Union Square Cafe. I guess we'll have to see. He said entrees will be $17-21 so I hope it's good for that price.

    I didn't care for Maximes, but I enjoyed their lower priced Elephant Cafe.