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Aug 20, 1998 05:26 PM

Trip to the Shore

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We will be driving the full length of the Garden State
Parkway next week. Any suggestions/recommendations for
good Shore eating. Has anyone heard of a place called
"Doris and Ed's" (I'm guessing at that name). A friend
suggested that but didn't have any real info. Thanks.

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  1. I have not been to Doris and Ed's. Each time I read on
    NJ shore rest. it is always rated well. Esp in summer
    when fish is very fresh. Cape may - that far down ??
    Cucina Rosa, Washington Inn, 410 Bank St, Ugly Mug

    good luck

    1. c
      Christina Z.

      This info is probably too late for your shore trip
      but maybe next time you go you can visit Doris & Ed's.
      It is fantastic. Located in Highlands, NJ. Call
      information for their number and then call them for
      the exact address. I think they are on Shore Drive
      but I'm not sure. Anyhow, be prepared for premium
      food at premium prices. It's a great special occasion
      place. Also of note is that although casual dress is
      premitted, no one wearing shorts or sandals (flipflops)
      is permitted to dine there. Don't get the wrong idea
      though, they are not snooty. The atmosphere is warm
      and friendly, the service commendable and the food
      exceptional -- enjoy!