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Jul 21, 1998 05:10 PM

search for info

  • j

I am looking for a message posted to this board about
Restaurante Portugal. Can someone point me in the
right direction?
Thank you,

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  1. If you mean the place in Ossining, then I probably
    posted it. I haven't been there is almost a year,
    but it's still there, on Rt. 133 at the intersection
    with Rt. 134. The times I've been there, the soups
    have been very good, and the grilled fish was

    1. There are two versions of Chowhound Search that you can
      use to find messages and articles based on key words.
      Access to the Search page can be found on the main
      Chowhound page at

      You can also find a link to the Chowhound Excite search
      page from here. Excite is much quicker but not as
      "up-to-the-second" since it has to be reindexed
      manually (ie. whenever I can get around to doing it).
      But for your purposes (looking for an older message),
      it's fine. I've included a link that launches a search
      for "portugal" below.

      <A HREF="../../../cgi/AT-chowhoundsearch.cgi?search=portugal">Click here.</A>