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Jul 20, 1998 11:32 AM

Hartsdale Garden scores again!

  • j

I hate to rave, but: Wow!

Hartsdale Garden, a Chinese restaurant in one of the
shopping plazas on Rt. 100, just north of the Hartsdale
four corners, has not failed us yet. On our most
recent visit, we had a really lovely pork and
watercress soup. The regular vegetable dumplings were
not great, but that was my own fault: I knew as I
ordered them that I was making a mistake. Order your
appetizers off the dim sum menu, where the manager told
me (alas, ten minutes too late) that the steamed crab
buns and small pork buns are really Shanghai soup
dumplings! Next time, for sure. I'm also going to try
the crispy jellyfish.

Their noodle dishes have been uniformly wonderful.
Crab with vegetables over fried rice noodles.

I suggest ordering off the "Exotic Hong Kong Dishes"
menu; the only disappointments we've had here have been
when we were foolish enough to order the more mundane
dishes off the other half of the menu.

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  1. We had lunch there the other day and didn't even look at the regular menu. We had the soupy dumplings (aka crab buns), pan-fried noodles with vegetables, and some sauteed watercress. Everything was delicious.

    The people at the next table eating their $4.95 (or whatever) luncheon specials (wonton soup, egg roll, scoop of fried rice, scoop of something gloppy) thought we were out of our minds. But we knew better.