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Jul 16, 1998 03:35 PM

New L.I. restaurant

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has anyone been to Enotica (spelling?) in Locust Valley? I've heard good things & should be going there soon.

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  1. I haven't been there. It's in the location of the old
    Sapore De Mediterraneo, which I did go to and which
    lasted all of 9 months. It looks expensive from what
    I've seen (Newsday review), so I'll wait for some more

    I've yet to find anything really good in LV yet. La
    Vigna is about the best value I've found in that
    surrounding area. The staff is the most personable
    I've ever met, anywhere.

    1. This is a great spot to go for an occassion, its a bit
      pricey, but the food is real good.