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May 24, 1998 01:03 AM

a GREAT place on the Jersey Shore

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We found a wonderful and unexpected restaurant in the
town of Atlantic Highlands- north Jersey shore, real
near Sandy Hook beaches. It is called Bistro Zeeto;
Zeet (the chef) and Martha, his wife (and manager/
maitress d') run a totally eclectic, fun bistro -
reasonably priced and great food. He previously co-
owned and cooked at Sugar Reef in Manahattan- and their
food is French-Creole overtones while being just great
bistro food, and reasonable too. And it's BYOB. He is
an artist and we loved the location, an old candy store
that they had totally redone with a great mosaic bar
and lots of antiques. They serve food like artists
too, colorful and combining lots of great flavors.
Excellent creme brulee for dessert too. I can't wait
to go back....

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  1. Agreed! Bistro Zeeto is a real find. I've been
    going there since it opened. Great food --
    great vibes -- try their brunch also. Enjoy!

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    1. re: Christina Z.

      Don't know when Bistro Zeeto has brunch...but it sure
      isn't on Sunday! Made a special effort to search out
      this place and found it to be closed. The menu posted
      in the window looked interesting. Perhaps we will try
      again in the future.