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May 13, 1998 01:14 PM

Hartsdale Garden

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Riva & I can offer a new recommendation in central
Westchester: Hartsdale Garden, in the Westchester
Square on Central Ave., next to Service Merchandise.
We've tried them twice recently, for dim-sum on
the weekend and for dinner last night. They
scored high on every dish.

The dim-sum isn't quite as varied as the big Chinatown
places, but what they do, they do well. Lovely
shiu mai and other dumplingy things. Great noodle
soups, rolls, etc. The only disappointment was
the stuffed crab claw, which was very bland and
a little greasy. They aren't big enough to
circulate the food on carts; you order off a menu.
But the waiters are helpful and once you let them
know that you really are interested in the
interesting stuff, they'll help you get it.

At dinner, they specialize in Hong Kong seafood.
Lots of very varied possibilities ranging from
baked whole fish, clams, and scallops to the more
outre: sea cucumber, conch, sea snails, jellyfish,
and more. They also have a large range of noodle
dishes; their mei fun Singapore style (with shrimp,
egg, roast pork, and onions, flavored with curry)
was really nice. Scallops in black bean sauce
surprised me by being battered & fried, but they
were delicious in black bean, chili, and bell peppers.

Dinner was about $30 for two people. A large dim sum
meal was about the same. Dim sum is available only
Saturday and Sunday, noon to 3:00. Come early: It
fills up fast.

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  1. try the sushi place in thornwood(can't think of name) 4 corners area, mobil station across the street. I think its on marble ave. If your on saw mill, get off marble ave, make right at light, restaurant at first light(about 100 yds down). sunday brunch, buffet, sushi buffet, 11:30>2:30. pretty good.

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      There are several sushi places in Thornwood. Do
      you mean the big ornate place on the corner? I
      tried it once and was not impressed. My regular
      sushi restaurant in Westchester is Sushi Raku
      on Rt. 9 in North Tarrytown. Top quality fish,
      fairly inventive chef.