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Mar 31, 1998 11:32 AM

A Good Mexican Restaurant in Westchester

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Anybody got any ideas?
I'm taking my daughter
to dinner, and now that
Don Emilio is no longer in
Larchmont, I don't know
where to go.

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  1. Didn't know Don Emilio's, so this may be a little
    downscale, but southern Westchester is becoming rife
    with many good Mexican joints -- and by that I mean
    homey corner places for the county's growing Mexican
    population. Two of my favorites are the Mexican Corner
    Restaurant on Main Street in New Rochelle (across the
    street from REI) and Tio Pepe near the Port Chester
    train station. Both have been around for several years,
    and MCR serves a breakfast on the weekends. There are
    also numerous Mexican places popping up in White
    Plains, particularly along East Post Road. A sign of
    the new wave is the combo Mexican/American menu put in
    at the venerable Oasis Diner by its new Mexican owners.
    Great tamales lunch special. Also, I can't mention the
    E.Post Rd. in White Plains without plugging the Latin
    American Cafe, a terrific Cuban restaurant (except for
    the sandwich -- don't bother). Lovely ox tails, chicken
    and roast pork.