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Oct 22, 1997 04:15 PM

Maureen's Kitchen - Smithtown, LI

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Good news! Maureen's (now Maureen's and
Daughters) has successfully made the move across
the street to the newer and bigger digs. The new
place is very nice, still not huge, still countryfied and
cowified. Maureen and her two daughters still do all the cooking and the food is just as good as at the old place.

The new place lacks the amiance of the old place, no flies and yellowjackets buzzing about your lunch, but I can live without that.

The lines are longer than they ever were at the old place, but they move quick and should calm down as we get used to the new place.

I visited twice this week and am very happy.

Maureen's is on Terry Rd in Smithtown, and does breakfast and lunch, great omletes, wonderful sandwiches and burgers and deserts, ooh deserts.

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  1. this place is as awesome as Hubey says! I go for my
    birthday breakfast every year (whatcha doin' 12/6,

    Everything's done in a cow motif...cows everywhere. And
    the food's real homemade country breakfast (and lunch)


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      still is. and hopefully will continue to be for a very long time to come.

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      Bernie Gutstadt

      What a pleasant surprise to hear about Maureens. We lived in Nesconset, and used to eat there very often, Great place. Glad to hear shes getting up in the world. Is the cow still on the roof? We moved to NJ 2 years ago, and still talk about her.

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      1. re: Bernie Gutstadt
        Gregory Holmstrom

        I been to Maureen's Kitchen & Daugthers before is's
        good food and the people there are very nice and
        friendly. I been there alot for Breakfast at the new
        new one and old one. I been there for Lunch too.
        it was my first time going there for Lunch it was good
        too. Maureen's Kitchen & Daugthers is located in
        Smithtown on Terry Road. it open for Breakfast &
        Lunch. I been there since 1996 and I love it. it's
        the best.

      2. g
        Gregory Holmstrom

        Maureens's Kitchen & Daugthers are the very
        best restaurant in Smithtown it has good food.

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        1. re: Gregory Holmstrom
          Gregory Holmstrom

          We llove going to Maureen's Kitchen & Daughters in Smithtown for Breakfast or Lunch. we love sitting at the counter alot there. it is a nice, big and very good counter they have there. when I go there I always get Pancakes or French Toast. we also talk to her and wacth her cook. I really love it.