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Oct 21, 1997 07:45 AM

Turkish Cuisine

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Looking for a Turkish place in New Jersey. Can anyone
help me with this one?

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  1. refer to zagat for New Jersey. the find seems to be
    the turkish kitchen in Weehawken. You can see the
    lincoln tunnel from the restaurant. I have not been,
    but the neighborhood looks nice and the review says all
    the right things to get me in there. Let me know
    name Turkish kitchen 3506 Park Ave (jefferwson St)
    Weehawken, NJ (201)863-1011

    1. There is a restaurant called Behti, not far from the
      Lincoln tunnel. I don't know the address or telephone
      number, but I'm sure that it's in the telephone book
      (or its internet cousin).

      Most of the eaters are Turkish. I was there only once,
      since I don't live anywhere near it, but it is
      fabulous. Grilled meat is the specialty. All sorts,
      and not expensive. Their kaymak is to die for.

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        The name of the restaurant is "Beyti" and it is located on Park Avenue in Union City, NJ. It is good and inexpensive. We travel 40 miles every once in a while to visit.