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Oct 6, 1997 01:59 AM

Montauk Ideas?

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Somehow I've landed in Montauk for a week. Where
should I eat? (Of course, I'm willing to drive to
other towns for food).

Fried clam ideas would be especially appreciated. I've
been here once before and cooking seemed to be a better
option than most restaurants here. Any ideas mucho


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  1. 2 decent places in Montauk that should be open off
    season are Downtown Grille which is on 27 by the famous
    Memory Motel and The Dock ( not to be confused with
    Gosmans Dock) which is actually down the street to the
    right of the entrance to Gosmans.
    Easthampton has Della Faminas and Nick & Toni's which
    are both great restaurants but bring money. Rowdy Hall
    is a great place with good food and moderate prices
    just east of the movie theater on Main Street. Across
    the street is the Blue Parrot which is well prepared
    tex/mex and well made cocktails. The ocean right now
    should be great,enjoy the week. JK

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    1. re: J.Knoesel
      Arthur Schneider

      I am the owner of the Memory Motel and we are open all year long. The Motel and the bar(with live music every saturday night all year round). E-mail me any ideas.