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Oct 2, 1997 04:15 PM

Please help.

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A plea. Someplace good to eat in Columbia County. Don't
tell me the Old Sheepherder's Inn, because it feels
like Darien and when I call for a table they tell me
they can seat me at 5:30 or 10 pm: if I wanted to hear
that I'd call Jean-Georges. Just someplace with good
food that neither I nor my friends have cooked. With so
much good produce around, how can it be that even the
diners are bad?

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  1. Couple of years ago, the mexican place in Tivoli was pretty good for the area. Columbia or Dutchess not sure which
    Also, several good places in Rhinebeck, which isn't so much of a trek. Particularly La Parmigiana in the old church -- Daniel Pinkwater once described it as the best restaurant in America.