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Sep 24, 1997 09:36 PM

westport, connecticut

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I am looking for some good, reasonably priced
restaurants in the Westport area. All the good places
are so expensive!

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    Susan Thomsen

    Stephanie, perhaps in the eight months since you wrote
    your note you have found some great Westport places;
    please tell! Okay food at high prices is a Westport
    problem. Have you tried Gold's Deli or Pal Joey's in
    the Compo Shopping Center? Gold's has decent matzoh
    ball soup and brisket sandwiches. Their desserts,
    particularly the rugelach, are quite good. Pal Joey's,
    an old-fashioned luncheonette that dates back to the
    fifties, has good omelettes; the restaurant also makes
    that Greek soup that sounds similar to egg drop soup.
    I haven't had it, but hear it's one of the favorites
    at the place. Coffee An' on Main Street has great
    doughnuts; the Sterns (Jane and Michael, the food
    writers) mention this one in several of their books.
    And there's always the Silver Star diner, in nearby
    Norwalk (on Route 1, near I-95 Exit 14). I had their
    spinach pie on Sunday and it was really tasty. Good
    luck and happy dining.