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Jun 16, 2006 01:30 PM

has anyone been to V-spot in the slope?

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i'm just curious. thinking about trying it this weekend and wanted to hear any opinions.

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  1. I've eaten there twice and have also spoken to others who've gone, as recently as last Saturday night. I would recommend it but only if you have the time--service is still, let's say, leisurely. We've enjoyed the breakfast burrito (a brunch item), also chorizo with rice and beans, chicken parm, and the chicken cutlet sandwich. And leave room for those Vegan Treats desserts!

    The space is lovely, including a backyard "patio"

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    1. re: JanetG

      Wait, I thought this place was vegan...chorizo??? Chicken?? Or is it mock chorizo???

    2. I agree with other poster re: service- pretty absentminded at best.

      Food is fine. Nothing to fancy but the prices are great. Not even as refined as Kate's in the East Village. I had the chicken parm, my wife had lasagna. She is loved her dish and I found both just fine- nothing really to either exclaim or complain about. Basically vegan staples you can cook at home- but in this heat who wants to do that?

      BYOB at least for now is nice as Bierkraft is two blocks down.

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      1. re: mnizz

        If you were disappointed before, try it again. They're making amazing "tofu scramble" and fruit empanadas, mock sausage and home fries for brunch. At dinner I've had several unique seitan-based meals. The prices are a little higher than the opening, but still very, very reasonable.

        1. re: JanetG

          I went last night and loved the buffalo chicken app (although I didn't love the sauce it came with). We also had the bbq seitan sandwich and the chicken burrito. Everything was hearty, but not too heavy or greasy, which I sometimes find to be the case at Red Bamboo.