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Jun 15, 2006 09:26 AM


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Went again Tuesday night and have to remind everyone that the Tues/Wed 3 course $25pp pre fixe has to be one of the great bargains in Bklyn right now. I fully realize that many places run mid-week specials like this, but Chestnut's food is a steal at this price, where others are merely good bargains. The entire menu is available (with 2 entrees upping the cost to $30). The softshell tacos (2 full softshells in taco shells) & the haystack shrimp (6 large) are very good. Of the entree choices, the pork chop is incredible and the black sea bass my wife had was equally good. Great dessert menu with 3 scoops of ice cream as one option. Good wines by the glass keep it a relatively low cost option. Highly recommended, especially now that they've opened the outdoor area in back.

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  1. I've always enjoyed chestnut though havent been an many months.

    I did notice the other weekend, that it was PACKED, which I've never seen before. Was good to see, always wondered why its been so easy in the past to get a table there.

    1. We were at CHESTNUT last night and it was packed, always a good sign. We had an exceptional dinner. It would have been exceptional even without the ridiculously low Prix Fixe of $25. We have had dinner there 4 or 5 times this year, and the food has been consistantly good every time.

      To start they bring out a tray of home made, deliciously light focaccia, and their home made multi grain and seed bread with good olive oil for dipping.

      The Soft Shell Crab Taco is extraordinary.One large deep fried crab cut in half and served in two home made tortilla/tacos with tomatillo sauce topped with wonderfully crispy thin fried onions. The Haystack Shrimp are delicious as well - 6 jumbo fresh sweet shrimp wrapped in very finely shredded potatoes and deep fried, then served with a coriander pesto.

      Because the kitchen was so crowded, the meal was a little slow. The host came over with an apology and an explanation, and a beautiful little salad of mache and baby golden and red beets in a lovely dressing to tide us over.

      The main dishes were excellent, and the portions were very generous. The pork chop stuffed with sweet and sour figs served on white polenta with a balsamic glaze. Really enough for two, we took the other half home. The breast of chicken was tender, juicy and flavorful, served with white asparagus and quinoa salad with a shallot vinaigrette. The chicken was delicious, but we didn't really care for the accompaniments . If I were to order it again, I would ask them for different items. We don't particularly like cool salad with vinaigrette to accompany a hot dish.

      The service was excellent. The host was solicitous, kept refilling the water glasses, and asking if we needed anything or would like more bread.

      The homemade ice cream for dessert was excellent, served with home made shortbread cookies. The Rhubarb Brioche with Meyer Lemon Curd was infinitely better than it sounded. A delicious,crispy warm cake filled with rhubarb compose with a beautiful golden lemon sauce. On the side was a perfect little scoop of fresh Strawberry sorbet.

      Their Cafe Filtre was the perfect ending to a great meal.

      If I have any complain it is that the portions are too large and it is too much food.

      1. Welcome on the bandwagon! :-D

        1. how is brunch at chestnut?

          1. There are numereous comments on this board about brunch at Chestnut, and most are raves. I'm in this camp: it's the best brunch in the area, even a destination brunch, in my opinion (a disclaimer: I only leave Brooklyn on weekends if it's completely unavoidable).

            The oatmeal pancakes are wonderful -- the oaty flavor really comes through -- and the fresh fruit they serve with them (an extra fee, but worth it) changes seasonally -- lately it's been fresh figs, before that it was blueberries. If you like your bacon crispy, this is the place to go. My boyfriend had the poached eggs with brioche, mushrooms, and carmelized onions the last time we were there, and it was heavenly. Service is attentive, coffee good and plentiful, and the complimentary bread basket that starts the meal really sets the tone. Popovers and chocolate scones appear year-round, and savory biscuits seem to change somewhat frequently -- last time I was there it was bacon and cheddar.

            They are only open on Sundays, and it gets pretty packed. I've always gone right around noon -- when it opens -- and have had no trouble getting a table.


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              Couldnt agree more. Especially about those amazing pancakes..and I'm not typically a pancake eater. The scones and biscuits they bring you out before your meal are superb with jam and butter. I've also had that poached egg dish and it was great.

              Very good coffee too.