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Jun 14, 2006 11:51 PM

gyro corner and other bayside greek places.......

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i just went to gyro corner and was blown away by how good it was. far and away, the best gyro i've ever had in new york. which got me wondering, are there great greek restaurants in bayside and eastern queens? after philoxenia closed in astoria, i've been looking for a good replacement, and maybe the solution is somewhere in bayside. anybody have any recommendations?


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  1. I have really like Greek Islands on Northern Boulevard in Little Neck. Great spanokopita and a wide selection of vegeatrian dishes, unlike most Greek restaurants.

    1. mythos on northern boulevard right across from the greek church (one block from the gyro place) and the oasis cafe for greek pastries after - right across the street

      1. Sorry to post so late, just wanted to inform that gyro corner is not greek. gyro corner, despite the name (gyro) being greek, is owned and operated by turkish americans. a greek place down the street called kati alo is OK and there is always Famous on Northern Blvd for that nostalgic New York feel of the old days.

        Mythos isn't my favorite, but many like it. I can't recommend anything at Mythos. I haven't had anything there that I like.

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          I know I'm a couple of years late responding to this but I just came accross it and couldn't leave it alone. I don't know who this guy is but Gyro Corner is owned by 100 % Greeks not Turks as Gastronomos suggests. I happen to live in bayside and know the owner's there are two as a matter of fact. This guy sounds like someone who is trying discredit gyro corner using the old "it owned by Turks" routine knowing theres no love lost between the greeks and turks. He probably works at Famous . Kati Alo is owned by a former employee of gyro corner who struck out on his own down the block. Gyro corner is the best hands down in Bayside. Avli on bell and Gyro World on orthern are mediocre, Greek Islands is very good for a nice sit down meal and so is Mythos but for gyro and souvlaki it's gyro corner.

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            ya big on gyro corner, always have a soft spot for that place (and their gyro platter!)

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              I like Avli much better than Kati Allo; larger portions, better prices, and they serve really good gigantes.

              1. re: PlomeekSoup

                Gyro Corner isn't worth the hassle. EVER.
                The waitresses and the guy who also serves/ works behind the counter are always on the rude side to say the least.

                In the winter the place is drafty and it's always hard to get a table, not just because they make a good sandwich (they get their gyro's premade from the same place every other place goes to.) It isn't that their food is amazing and that's why you gotta wait for a table, it;s because it's small (less than 25 seats or so) and they are slow and people who go there like to relax and eat which is fine.

                The last few times I went there either they were out of lemon potato's or they were heavily under seasoned and under cooked. The Donner was waaaaaaay to fatty, and like I mentioned about the staff just really doesn't seem to care.

                Do they even take credit cards I forget but I think they don't.

                For a while I was going to Gyro World on Northern over the Corner, they make a great soup, but now it's Avli. Food's great, the sausage, donner, soulvlaki all great, lemon potato's? Best I've ever had. Only once I've been there and been disappointed, and it was moreso about the wait for food and a waitress having a miserable day.

                Lots of seats too, more than double what Gyro Corner and World have to offer and no draft when it's cold.

                1. re: dnm3k

                  You sure know your greek/bayside restos!

                  Gyro World = service with it because they're so busy? Gyros much bigger there (but not better) than at Avli (best lemon potatoes too!) Friday's had some good specials also..

          2. dnm3k, i completely agree about the service. i thought it was just me. the same girl who took my order the 4 or 5 times i went in there acted like she was doing me a favor. seriously rude and bothered by doing her job.

            not too mention the food is average, the prices relatively high and the portions small.

            i now go to either nikita's place or avli.

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            1. re: anicon

              Nikita's? Is that the place near I want to say 16th ave/Utopia pkwy in Whitestone near that Bagle store with the great Bialy's and the line out the door all weekend long?

              Don't get me wrong, I feel like Avli might be a buck or two more per dish than other spots like it and after being open for a year or two now they could use a fresh coat on green on the front doors and whatnot, but the food is good and their Donner (chicken and pork) are the best I've had anywhere and when I go elsewhere I always compare it to that.