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Jun 13, 2006 10:03 AM

Pies n Thighs

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I'm thinking of going tonight. any thoughts on this place?

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    There were a few responses last week. The poster added an apostrophe, so if you want to do a search, enter Control F and Pie's.

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      i went to pies n thighs the other night and was, quite frankly dissappointed given the current hype/pr it's generated. in fact, perhaps if it hadn't been so hyped up i would've like it more since it is in fact, very affordable--8 bucks will get you a full meal if you order either fried chicken or catfish--at any rate, i tried the bbq pork sandwich and thought the pork was dry/overcooked and that it was a small portion relative to the size of the other choices--the fried chicken was nice and crispy and greaseless but i found it bland and verging on dry--sides like black eyed peas and mac 'n cheese were quite nice though the collards were watery and underseasoned and the coleslaw was VERY vinegary. the best thing was the fried catfish which was nice and crispy and flavorful and came with lots of tartar sauce over cornbread. some other people at another table had burgers and fries that actually looked pretty decent. we were a bit disillusioned by our main meal so we didn't try any pie--also, keep in mind it is in the back of a bar and VERY bare bones--there are a few counter stools inside and some grungy looking tables outside--this wouldn't've mattered to me if the food was amazing but since it wasn't...--perhaps their quality is just inconsistent at this point. it is so affordable that i do want to like it and hope they succeed.

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        i heard there pies are supposed to be really good.

      2. Went the other night, it was after 8pm and they were out of the fried chicken, catfish & lemonade. That left us with the choice of burgers, dogs or pulled pork. So we got the pulled pork box, which just turned out to be a side and the pulled pork sandwich. Mac & Cheese is really good and spicy, the pork sauce is a So. Car. style, very vinegar-y. Overall it was good, but a bit pricey for what it was, and since they were out of singles, they misheard me and kept my change. Didn't have room for the pie, but it looked good.
        Prices: $8 for the pulled pork box, $2 for the iced tea. 2 of us: $10 x 2: $20 plus tax $22, then they kept my change.