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Jun 12, 2006 10:23 AM

disappointing meal at Stamatis! where's the real Greek food in Astoria?

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the greek salad was very ordinary but I enjoyed the grilled octopus appetizer. was I simply misinformed? did I order poorly? where's the best Greek food in Astoria?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've only been to the 2nd stamatis though I remember not liking the salad as well - it was very bland, almost like the prepackaged kind.
      I did like their fried cheese appetizer.
      Maybe they're better with the grill and apps than the salads?

      1. give Opa Opa a try. I went a while ago but it was really good. Wish I could tell you the address. It's definitley in Astoria though. And stay away from Uncle George's. That place bites.

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          Opa! is located at 28-44 31st ST.
          Most of their apps are excellent. (it's really stupid that they serve such bad bread with their salads and charge 50 cents for ordinary pita.)
          The grilled meats are the main reason to go. The loukaniko, bifteki, and lamb souvlaki are all excellent as well as the previously mentioned pork souvlaki and gyro. The combination platter is huge and well priced.
          If it's fish you want, you'd do better elsewhere unless thy have maridaki that day.

          1. re: el jefe

            i go to opa-opa sometimes (it's right near my subway stop at 30 Ave) for the chicken kabob. they run a good grill there. but i wouldn't recommend it for fish, and i don't really like greek apps so ask someone else.

          2. re: mdog

            I love Uncle George's, I only order from the BBQ menu though and maybe some appetizers and soups. I've probably ordered 1-2 dishes from outside the BBQ menu, but I have no memory of them. My friend who had recently visited from Greece thought of the food as very authentic. Complete with cheap house wine in kilos. The staff is very friendly too. If anyone goes, kokoretsi (intestines) and bbq lamb are the dishes to order, and I love their peas side.

            BTW, according to my friend, Greek cuisine is very hearty and heavy on oils and fats - she'd totally busted our image of light and healthy mediterranean cuisine. And not too many Greeks eat seafood or fish. Maybe what is perceived as great greek here is not much authentic?..

            1. re: welle
              Astoria Lurker

              I am no expert, but I suspect Greek cuisine is highly variable regionally, just like any other European cuisine. The seafood probably is a specialty of the islands, Cyprus, Crete, the Kyclades etc while lamb, potatoes and other hearty food would be from the large inland regions that are full of mountains. I don't think it's correct to assume that all Greek food is heavy and hearty based on one Greek person's point of view.

              1. re: Astoria Lurker

                good point. all i wanted to say is that greasy and hearty could also be authentic greek.

              2. re: welle

                greek food is NOT all heavy on the oils. some unskilled people and restaurants try to cover up the non-tastiness of their food in oils. I'm greek- trust me-- i know :)

                1. re: welle

                  My friend from Greece eats mostly fish at home, I think whole usually.

              3. Taverna Kyclades for seafood, greek salad, app's. -excellent and has outdoor seating.

                Uncle George's for roast meat only.

                Opa for cheap gyro/souvlaki only.

                Opa's bakery next door is excellent.

                I think I used to order really good pastitio delivery from Zenon.

                1. Try S'agapo near Kaufmann Astoria studios on 34th Ave. I've never had a bad meal there.

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