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Jun 12, 2006 08:09 AM

Hope and Anchor

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I love the feel of this place: nice low key vibe, helpful service, etc. But man the food can be awful. Almost everything I have had from there is a bit off. Am I alone on this one? It seems to be well liked. I had the clam cakes, the inside which was uncooked liquid.

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    i cannot agree with you more. i love the funky cocktails and the "vibe." the place is affordable and i so want to love it--but every time i go, the food is horrible. i tend to forget about my experience there and return every few months only to be let down again.

    1. I've never eaten dinner there but I go for brunch religiously (driving over from gowanus) and I've never been disappointed by anything. In fact, I am always impressed by the little things like how an order of two scrambled eggs comes out looking like two turned into six. As you mention, the service is always fantastic and there is a great vibe in there. Maybe it's time to try dinner there and see if your experience is common.

      1. Whenever I order ambitiously, I regret it. Burgers, sandwiches, eggs are safe and well executed.
        The meatloaf with ginger sauce, the clam cakes, etc- bleh.

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          Today, I had a grilled chicken caesar salad at Hope and Anchor. This is a dish that even Applebees can't screw up--but Hope and Anchor's was horrible. The chicken tasted old, had been refrigerated, was overcooked, and there was very little evidence of it being grilled. At least at TGIF there'll be some fake grill lines and some liquid smoke! Granted, I ordered mine light on the dressing, and maybe that's why it was so unsalted, unflavorful, etc. But that chicken...

          1. re: PAL

            I have been lurker on this site for a long time but never really felt the need to post my opinion, although I eat out a lot (too much, if truth be told). However, I am sitting at my desk right now eating a grilled chicken ceasar, from Hope & Anchor and it is great. The chicken is moist and perfectly charred (while, yes, it is cold). The dressing was on the side, thankfully, as this was a delivery order but it is tangy, creamy, and perfectly salty, with a bit of kick (maybe tobasco).

            They have not disappointed me yet (3+ years). Why do they get such a bad rep on this site?

            1. re: KLove

              Well, maybe it's inconsistency, either that or a matter of differing opinion. My chicken was un-charred, untasty, cold, and overcooked, and the dressing was un-tangy and hadn't any discernable kick. Could have just been an off day, who knows.

        2. We went there for burgers, thinking "how can anyone mess it up?"
          They were pretty messed up. We waited over 25 minutes (when it was slow) and when they arrived they were burnt and charred when we had orderd them medium. Very disappointing experience to say the least.

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          1. re: elskeen

            i ate here on opening week years back and came back about 6 months got way worse...not like it was ever any good.

            luckily, they forgot to charge me for half of the items i ordered.

          2. the steak sandwich is fantastic- super snarkey and no bs. i've never eaten anything else there, but the wife and kid seem to fare ok. no one pines to go back there (well, my 4 year old likes the seriously skuzzy kid toys, but that's another story) but i do crave the steak sandwich. and the lime rickey shpritzer thing is pretty tasty too.

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            1. re: frankbooth

              I have long been a supporter of Hope & Anchor. I eat there often and love the place. Sometimes, they reach beyond their grasp, but I always love the Philly Chesse, the meatloaf is a favorite (yes, even with the ginger), the pot pie, the mac and cheese. And the burgers -I 've never had a problem with the temperature. They just added fish tacos to the menu, and they are seriously good. The problem just might be that they change their menu four or five times a year. I often stop in with friends at night, just for the desserts, which the owner makes himself - the banana cream, chocolate layer and coffee cake are all faves.

              1. re: Scott Berkman

                Agreed on all the negative stuff above (but also get sucked in for the cute/appealing atmosphere). That said: every time I go to Hope and Anchor my bill is wrong. If you do fall into the trap--as I do--make sure to check the bill very, very carefully. I have been over or mis-charged in every conceivable way.

                1. re: Scott Berkman

                  oooh. have to disagree on the banana cream pie. have gotten it twice and both times it was rotten. i mean fully rotten. in fact, i think hope & anchors main problem is with food storage (ie. refrig not cold enough, keeping things too long)- i've also gotten a seriously spoiled tomato in a salad there. too bad b/c it's such a cute place.