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Jun 9, 2006 06:44 PM

Authentic Mexican at El Huipil

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Last night I finally got around to visiting El Huipil, the very authentic Mexican restaurant in Red Hook. I really liked it! The winning dish of the evening was definitely the mole enchiladas -- the mole here is absolutely delicious, not as thick and sweet as most moles, with a bitter edge and more than a hint of cloves. It would be good with anything. We also had the tacos dorados (which are rolled, fried tacos - similar to flautas) with papas & epazote. These were competently fried, but we couldn't taste the epazote -- the chorizo version might be more exciting. We also had the ensalada de nopales and were somewhat underwhelmed as the salad was undressed - probably would not order again. The free chips and salsa were a nice touch. The salsa was a green salsa, very thin in consistency and not too spicy, but it had excellent flavor. I really liked it - it tasted like Mexico. Our dinner cost $17 for two! The service was fine. Overall, the salsa and mole made this some of the best Mexican I've tried in the City - I am definitely interested in returning and sampling more menu items.

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  1. I love their Saturday pozole special. It makes me wish I was sick more often. :)

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      Do they serve beer? If not, can you bring your own?

      1. re: bobjbkln

        They do serve beer, but it's not always in stock. They usually have Sidral and Sangrial in stock, so, though not alcoholic, you've got your beverages covered. Besides, the food is great.

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        I went there for the first time today and have to say that I was extremely underwhelmed by the pozole soup special. I thought even with the add-ins it was pretty flavorless. However, if your a mole fan, theirs is great. Also, the sopes appetizer was great.

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          Went to el Huipal on Saturday December 2,2006 at about 4:00 PM. It was closed. Does anyone have an idea as to why. One might be smart to call before going here.

      3. I heard that they are now closed and moving to North Carolina.

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          I ate there on Friday night (12/1) and, not that I asked, but they didn't seem like they were going anywhere.