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Jun 9, 2006 12:03 AM

GREAT experience at applewood

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Hadn't been to applewood in a while, so we went tonight. I'd forgotten just how great this place is. It was busy, but not so much that we had a long wait or couldn't hear each other talk. The service was professional and unobtrusive, but friendly and really helpful. We hadn't been back since the owner's baby was little, so we were sad to learn that she's no longer there (the baby, that is), but the owner was on hand to help with food and wine suggestions that were right on the money. We struck up a conversation with the folks at the next table and they, too, were having a tremendous time. The food was fresher, cleaner and more delicious than anything we'd had in our memories. Amazing lobster salad, cheese plate, pork belly and scallops for starters. Our entrees were a lovely black bass, an amazing lamb done both braised and grilled, a wild salmon, and the best duck breast I've had in my life. Desserts were particularly good, an amazing chocolate souffle, a delightful crepe and one of the best pineapple upside-down cakes I've ever had. What a treat! I'm writing to remind everyone to go to applewood...we wished we'd been back sooner!

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  1. Im sorry, but dont believe the hype. Apple-schmapple.
    If you want overpriced food, and a pretentious service experience, this is your homerun. Brunch was aweful. The only part that was in fact good was the bottle of Champagne, which was served in glasses that looked as if they had been drug through a garden. Dinner was a tad better. That is to say, the execution was better on the plate. Service still sucked. And the wines are overpriced for the quality that they are trying to bring.

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      Peter in the Heights

      Y'all have seen my opinions on Applewood ad nauseum so I won't go into detail here.

      I'll just say that I've been there about 15 times and have never had anything but the best of experiences -- food, service, ambiance, the works.

      No restaurant is for everyone but with all the positive praise, I hope everyone who's never been goes at least once to make up their own mind.


      P.S. I agree, it really is the best. duck. ever.

    2. I ate dinner at Applewood two weeks ago, and I thought it was good, but not worth the hype. But really, how many super-hyped places ever do live up to their buzz?

      I ordered the skate, which was a big mistake. It had a terrible, strong flavor of ammonia. I've been told that when skate is prepared too long after it's been killed, that is the result. The flavor was really nauseous, so I sent it back saying I didn't think it was fresh. The chef took a bite and disagreed with me, and suggested I order something else. I chose a soft shell crab special which was good, but not overwhelmingly flavorful, and certainly not close to the best I've ever had. However, the crabs were meaty, juicy and fresh. I felt terrible about the skate, but frankly think the chef was off his rocker to think it tasted OK. However, my husband's veal was good, and our apps were delicious (scallops and a salad). Ultimately, I think I would give this place a pass the second time around b/c it's just too pricey for Brooklyn and the food isn't that great.

      1. My husband and I had heard great things about Applewood and decided to try it. When we arrived for our 7:30 reservation, we were seated in between near the wait station, the bar and the kitchen entrance. In addition it was noisy and dark. We decided not to stay and ended up at Rosewater where, as always, we had a great meal with great wine recommendations in their lovely dining room.

        1. I second that. Rosewater is gracious, and well priced. I have been sat in that area referred to above, my wife calls it no diner's land. They need to work on their attitudes a bit, which come off as we are right, and the customer is wrong. I asked for a pair of clean Champagne flutes, and it was as if I had asked for the waitress'/hostess' first born. C'mon. To fot the pricing strategy, they should have Riedel, or at least not make me feel like a dirtbag for asking for something clean.

          1. Funny, I guess it's another case of to each their own. I'm not 100% sure which table you're referring to -- it could be the one against the wall across from the bar right near the kitchen or the one that "floats" just in front of the bar...

            Either way, those are two of my favorite tables. I get to watch the kitchen at work, get a lot more time to chat with Laura the owner, and find it far easier to hear my companion compared to most other tables in that room which can admittedly get very loud.

            All that said, I guess I need to get myself over to Rosewater and try it out!

            Peter in the Heights