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Jun 7, 2006 08:00 PM


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The long awaited JACK THE HORSE TAVERN on the corner of Hicks and Cranberry in Brooklyn Heights has finally opened.

The drinks are excellent, and the chips and nuts are great bar food.

The menu started yesterday and looks interesting, but kind of expensive for a pub.. more expensive than HEIGHTS CAFÉ, the same prices as HENRY'S END and NOODLE PUDDING.

Any tried the food yet?



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  1. Another overpriced bar with pub food. Just what Brooklyn Heights needs.

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    1. re: Emily

      $7 for a pint of Guiness? Ridiculous!

      1. re: Champ

        The prices are exactly the same as NP and HE. If the food continues to be very good, they will do a great business.

    2. Yes! I went to Jack the Horse last night. There are a few service issues as they continue to work out the kinks. However the food overall was good! We had the kale and chorizo soup (excellent in flavor, though it would have been easier to eat if the kale were chopped in smaller pieces), chicken liver schmear with rhubarb compote (yummy) and shared the hangar steak. The steak itself was not as good as the delicious hangar steak they sometimes run as a special at Noodle Pudding - it was a little on the chewy side and seriously lacking in salt -- of course these flaws could easily be fixed. The accompanying french fries were awesome and the sauces were good too (some kind of homemade tasting ketchup and a blue cheese sauce I really liked, though I don't usually like that type of thing). We also had a bottle of wine, an Aussie Shiraz for $24, and it was enjoyable, though not as good a deal as the $12 bottles at NP. We spent $75 for two, which is a little more than we typically spend at NP and a little less than we typically spend at HE. It was overall very good -- a real restaurant along the lines of the others we frequent in the neighborhood, and we will probably return often. It appears to be FAR FAR BETTER than the now defunct Chez Henry, Cafe Cubanito, and the like.

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      1. re: queue

        Is this owned by the Noodle Pudding people?

        1. re: JPanda

          I believe it is - that's what I have heard.

          1. re: queue

            If you go on their website there is no mention of Noodle Pudding and it appears to be the first restaurant venture of the couple that owns it.