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Jun 7, 2006 11:32 AM

Joe's Best Burger, Flushing

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I managed to go to Flushing and not eat Asian, since I wanted to try Joe's Best after hearing that it's a close simulation to the In and Out chain in CA. I'm happy to report that it's pretty good. When you order a burger, they ask if you want grilled or raw onions (I prefer raw), and while the burger isn't groundbreaking, it's a good fast-food burger. The fries were even better. Though I didn't see any physical potatoes, they're made with real potatoes, with their skins on, and really well fried. They have a bunch of special dips for the fries, besides ketchup. I can't remember what else they had, but I got a mayonnaise-based roasted garlic dip, which was alright. Not the best burger in NY, but a good fast food alternative for a small price.

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  1. Thanks for the update Eric. We are at Sago Tea House across the street once or twice a week picking up bubble teas and we always say we have to try one of their burgers.
    We have been also been going to Green Papaya on Prince Street for roti canai. Looks like most of the same people from Penang are still there. Good beef rendang also.

    1. I've never had the famour In and Out burger, but have been to Joe's three times so far. I find the balance of the bread and beef in a triple most satisfying..bordering on too much meat, but then the double has not enough. It's just me, though. The fries were good, even if I'm not sure if it's real or not. It's light and fluffy.

      1. I couldn't have said it better myself, Eric. That's exactly what it is: a really good fast-food burger -- nothing more, nothing less.

        If you think fast-food is responsible for all the evils of Western Civilization (see e.g. Fast Food Nation), this place probably isn't for you.

        But if you get that craving every so often for that high end fast food burger taste -- albeit mass produced and wrapped in wax paper -- Joe's can really hit the spot.

        Just note that the burgers aren't thick. I wouldn't dream of ordering a single. The fries were excellent; much better than the Burger Joint's.

        The shakes were a let down compared to In-n-Out. They don't serve regular chocolate shakes, just these 'hot fudge' chemical creations that are too thick to suck out of a straw.

        1. I was impressed that they put exactly the right amount of cheese on the cheese fries. It didn't look like enough, and then poof! It was perfect.

          Does anyone go for the "deals" with the giant chocolate coins?

          1. those "deals" are awful! i am hoping in due time they will start to diversify the deal to be more than those old chocolate coins. at popeye's, they actual offer real deals, like extra chicken, biscuits, sides or a drink. joe's should follow that lead.

            otherwise, i think it's a great, quick, fast food fix. it's a nice addition to the area.

            the fries are really good and cheap ($1 for a styrofoam bowl's worth). not crazy about the additional sauces, i am perfectly happy with ketchup.