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May 31, 2006 01:08 AM

Phillipino food in Jackson Heights?

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I was passing by and saw all of these Phillipino restaurants around 70th st. Which place is the best? Which dishes have you tried?

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    david sprague

    my favorite is Ihawan, which is off Roosevelt on 70th - some of the best bbq meat in the city. the other dishes are not much to write home about, though. for stuff other than bbq, i'm partial to renee's. there's a squash dish that's pretty awesome.

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    1. re: david sprague

      I pretty much feel the same way. For BBQ, Ihawan and then Renee's. Except Renee's pork belly BBQ is usually better than the one at Ihawan, for some reason. The new place next to Renee's is pretty good too, and if you want lechon, then Karihan Ni Tatabino is the place.

      1. re: Eric Eto

        I agree about Ihawan and Renees. Here's an old review I wrote about Renees (notice I avoided the BBQ options)


        1. re: Eric Eto

          Who has the best crispy pata? I've liked the one at Karihan Ni Tatabino, but not the one at Perlas Ng Silangan.

          1. re: Joe MacBu

            Crispy pata is one of the few non-bbq dishes Ihawan makes real well. krystal cafe (on corner of 69th) used to make better, but last time I checked they were real downhill.

            Anyone try that Filipino on a corner of 37th Ave at like 58th st in woodside? It looks like a nightclub/catering hall/restaurant, and I've been meaning to check it out.

            1. re: Jim Leff
              Joey Deckle (fka Canchito)

              You're on target about that spot, whose name I too have since forgotten. I went about a year ago: given the lack of traffic in the 'hood and the general vibe of the place it's clear that it's more of a catering party spot than a restaurant. Most of the dishes we ordered were premade and reheated. They weren't half bad, but the glimmers of deliciousness left me longing to taste them freshly made. The one standout was the crispy pata. I'd like to try this place while an event was in full swing, hopefully the food will be fresher/better.

              Keep on smokin',
              Joey Deckle

            2. re: Joe MacBu

              the best crispy pata i've tried so far is from the perlas ng silangan restaurant (not sure of the spelling) but it's across rene's restaurant. their cripy pata is so tender and delicious......they are a bit pricey compared to the others but the portion sizes are has more space inside the restaurant and you feel more comfortable.....

          2. re: david sprague

            Perlas ng Silanganan has live music on Fridays and Saturday nights.

            I had dinner at Ihawan last night. Their Kare-kare is the best. Renee's Kare-Kare is about the same. The Kare-Kare in that new place next to Renee's is not as good. They skimp on the meat so you get more vegetables instead--I'm partial to having more meat. At Ihawan they put plenty of meat but they don't give you enough shrimp paste. But they don't mind if you ask for a refill. At Perlas the meat and vegetable ratio is fairly balanced and the shrimp paste they give you is plenty. The Kare-Kare in Tata Bino is also good but their serving is usually for two people so its too much if you are eating by yourself so if I buy there its usually to go. The disadvantage of that place Tata Bino is that it is on the other side of the BQE. So if you are not from that area you wouldn't know its there. Specially these past few months they tore down the Roosevelt Ave overpass over BQE.

            So here is how I rate restaurants for their Kare-Kare:

            1) Ihawan
            2) Renee's
            3) Perlas ng Silanganan
            4) Tata Bino
            5) New Place

          3. Thanks guys. I think I'll try Renee's first as I'm not much of a bbq person. too bad it closes so early, though.

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              Ajax the Eternal

              It's Filipino not Phillipino.

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                oops. i thought Filipino was just for people.