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May 31, 2006 12:11 AM

Bronx Zoo

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Planning on a family day to the Zoo, coming from Brooklyn. Any good diners nearby, places for lunch, late Breakfast beforehand or early dinner afterwards? Looking for something original ..........

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    Not a diner but why not check out Arthur Ave? You can either pick up supplies for a picnic lunch at the zoo or hit one of the restaurants for dinner afterward.

    1. I believe that Roberto's 603 Crescent Ave in the Arthur Ave. neighborhood, opens at 4 PM on weekends. It is one of the best Italian Restaurants in NYC. It is pricey, but quite family friendly. They do not take reservations, but if you get there between 4 & 5 PM, you should not have any trouble getting in.

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      1. re: bobjbkln

        Be aware that Roberto's is now closed on Sunday.


        1. re: Striver

          "Be aware that Roberto's is now closed on Sunday."

          really? i thought that roberto's was at one time closed on sundays, but had changed that several years ago and was now open 7 days a week. perhaps the website's information is outdated? or maybe they reverted back to their former days of operation?

          1. re: james

            No, we go there regularly, and they recently changed their hours (about a month or two ago): they're now open Mondays but closed Sundays, which is definitely inconvenient for us!. I guess they decided to revert.

            1. re: Striver

              that's too bad; as i don't live in the bronx, i felt sunday nights were a good time to go to roberto's.

              thx for the 411.