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Woodside/Sunnyside suggestions? (eating out AND delivery)

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Hi all. I just moved from Astoria to Woodside and I'm looking for some good options for restaurants -- both for eating out and for delivery (I'm on the Sunnyside edge of W'side, if that helps).

Here are the places I know about already: La Flor, Donovan's, Spripraphai (do they deliver?!), the Korean BBQ place on Roosevelt, Bliss, Aubergine, Donato's.

Any and all other suggestions are welcome! Thanks so much in advance. Feel free to email me if that's easier.

thx, Dan

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  1. Hemsin for Turkish on QB is very good, and pleasant atmosphere.....

    1. Mangal for informal Turkish. I love their doner kebab sandwich.

      Natural Tofu for soon dooboo (the soybean one is the best).

      Taco truck on Queens Blvd around 40th St for tacos and tortas that are pretty damn good. I like the lengua, asada and chorizo. I've found the pastor to be dry. The mixed torta (I ask for no chicken) is my favorite.

      1. El Jarro is one of the best restaurants in Sunnyside, which is on 45th St. and 48th Ave. Really cute, family-run Mexican restaurant - has excellent, cheap food.

        I also tried Moment's recently, which is Argentinian and pretty decent - on 42nd and Greenpoint. I also like Yamakaze for ramen (40th and Queens Blvd.). The Butcher's Block is a good place to stop by and pick up dinner - they have a meat and 2 sides special for $7.50 and is a ton of food - that's on 41st just north of Queens Blvd.

        Welcome to the neighborhood!

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        1. re: emilie01

          Thanks everyone! Very interested to try El Jarro.

          1. re: Dag

            It is called De Mole now, you can search the boards for tons of accolades!

        2. Nobody mentioned La Marjolaine, small bakery with small selection, but good bread and a few good pastries. Right across the street from Key Food on Skillman.

          New romanian restaurant opened on Skillman bet. 49th and 48th st., Acasa. Excellent cabbage with smoked hocks and what else.

          Taco truck at 52nd st. subway stop is pretty good, also.

          No amazing chinese, but ok and the most decent in the area, No.1 Chinese on 43rd ave bet. 49th and 50th st. Very nice owners also.

          Pio Pio at 46th st and Greenpoint makes a decent rotisserie chicken.

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            Acasa is for lack of better terminology, crazy good. The last time I was over there it looked like it was closed down though. Any word on that? It's so new too :(. Maybe they just have screwy hours?

          2. New York Style Eats on QB btw 45th & 46th is a yummy, cheap dinner restaurant. If you go Sunday about noon, after church lets out and young people wake up, you'd really get a feel for the community. The service is quick in the restaurant and to your home if you order out.

            La Pollera Colorada on Greenpoint Ave across from the Thalia Theatre a block or two south from the QB has delicious Colombian cuisine. The dishes are pricier because the portions are huge.

            And there's a Thai restaurant (purple-ish awning) in the same general vicinity from the Pollera that has good dishes and nice atmosphere.

            A luncheonette called Brothers on 40th & 43rd Avenue and the Butcher's Block market (tons of Irish products and dishes) on 41st and QB just behind the Burger King both have great soups.

            Hope that helps. Welcome to Sunnyside!

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            1. re: Munnysider

              Thanks again all! I've been really curious about Butcher's Block. Will check it out...

              So sad that Sripraphai doesn't deliver, but I'm willing to make the (short) trek. :)

            2. Sripraphai don't deliver - you can call in for a take-out order. Closed on Wed, btw.
              Masala for Indian delivery or dining in.
              Stop Inn - great diner, great breakfast (especially after late night outings).
              If you don't feel like anything ethnic, and craving some comfort food, Woodside Pizza is great for delivery - they have an extensive typical american diner foods (soups, chicken francaise, pastas, hot and cold sandwiches, salads).
              New Panda (on Roosevelt next to Champions supermarket) is the best american chinese take-out place in all Woodside.
              Joy Cook for excellent sushi (close to Sripraphai, on Roosevelt).

              1. There's a Latin American Chinese place at 52nd called Peking (yellow awning) that has great roast chicken, gizzards and guacamole sauce.
                Haven't been there in a while, but I really liked it 3 years ago, and there was always a long line out the door.

                Nobody mentioned Spicy Mina -- I've been out of the loop for awhile, is she still around/good?

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                  Thanks! I just tried Peking last night. It's not as good as Caravan in Astoria for roast chicken (the gold standard, as far as I'm concerned), but it's pretty good.

                  And yes, will definitely try Mina for delivery (been there and tho it's inconsistent, it can be GREAT).

                  Thanks again everyone!

                  Oh, and if anyone has suggestions for a good place to buy meat and also an Italian-style deli, pls send 'em along. Thanks!

                  1. re: Dag

                    There is a deli and a butchershop right next to each other on Roosevelt ave and 60ish st. next to WaMu bank.
                    Also Ottomanelli & Sons on Woodside ave and 61st - they now carry organic poultry and beef (I haven't tried - they close too early for me).
                    Prime Meats (the butchers next to WaMu) have better prices and fresh meats. A lot of stuff at Ottomanelli comes frozen.
                    For a real Italian deli I'd take Q18 bus (from the 58th st. corner by the St. Sebastian school) to Maspeth to Grand ave. I forgot the name but the deli is right there on the corner.
                    Sapori D'ischia has great italian imports - very reasonable prices.

                    1. re: welle

                      Thanks much! Yeah, the closing early thing seems to be a general issue. I tried to find a butcher open yesterday at 7ish and got shut out. And of course I forgot about Sapori D'ischia -- they rock.

                      1. re: Dag

                        You already mentioned Doanto's...but I have to say - their chicken francese is THE best I've ever had. Also, they have this fried cheese/bread thing on the appetizer menu that is amazing. I don't know where/how they get their marinara sauce, but I am addicted to it.

                      2. re: welle

                        iavarone (italian deli) is the place you're thinking of and yes, they are great. fresh pasta and sauces, italian meats, cheeses, etc...
                        and rosa's pizza (i think one of the best in queens) is on 69th street on the other side of grand.

                  2. Want a unique find? Try Mi Bolivia at 44-10 48th Ave. When we visit my mom in Jersey, we make a special trip to Mi Bolivia and even take home, frozen, to Maine dozens of chicken saltenas. The sopa de mani is excellent as is the pollo a la broasted and the chiccaron. The prices are very reasonable. Go drink a Pacena beer for us!

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                    1. re: Passadumkeg

                      Have you been recently? I don't think it's been called Mi Bolivia in a while, something more like 'International Restaurant' (and no liquor license it seems). I almost never see anyone in the place. We tried it again a few months back and the menu had changed and I'm sorry I can't recall specifics, but the food was less than stellar and not very interesting. Maybe we ordered poorly. We were the only ones there and a waitress popped out every once in a while. We live a block away but find no reason to go back.

                      1. re: Up With Olives

                        Maybe it's a connection to our memory of our time in Bolivia, or a comment on Bolivian food or the lack of restaurant diversity in Maine ( the moose and bear meat are excellent ), but my wife and I ate at the multinamed Mi Bolivia in April and still really enjoyed it. Yes, no liquor license, but they do serve Bolivian beer and cocoa tea. We have been going there for about 7 year and I don't think the menu has changed. The clientel are almost exclusively Bolivian expats and they do a lot of take out. Give it a try on a Sunday afternoon when, by tradition, most Bolivians, dine out. Are you aware of any other Bolivian restaurants? We'd love to try them.
                        ps Try the chicken Saltenas and a beer.

                        1. re: Passadumkeg

                          Hmmm, they told us no beer, but I did suspect there was some. I'll bet one does much better speaking fluent Spanish there. They didn't seem like they wanted to deal with us at all.

                          1. re: Up With Olives

                            We feel very welcome there. It must be they think of us as the crazy gingos who speak Bolivian dialect Spanish and order dozens of saltenas to take back to thew North Pole

                    2. I personally prefer Turkish Grill on Queens Blvd & 42nd for Turkish, although Hemsin is great too. I like Thai Malay Cafe on Skillman and 51st, especially the mango chicken. Check out The Rose for a great traditional Irish breakfast. You can get decent fish and chips at The Butcher Block on Fridays and also at PJ Horgans (also a great Shepherd's Pie). I tried the new Foxy's Diner last weekend for brunch and liked the Greek spin on eggs florentine (it had feta, but no English muffin). I don't care for La Flor, but do love Mole and the taco truck at Qns Blvd & 41st for the best Mexican. Welcome to diversity in eatin!

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                      1. re: lindoca

                        Has anyone been to "Patio" yet? Everytime I drive by I think "dang, that looks so cute!"

                          1. re: ceeceee

                            It's on 31st Avenue...I can't think of the cross street. It's near the Gracious Home warehouse...it used to be a flower nursery, now it's a semi-fancy-cute restaurant.

                            1. re: iloveupstate.com

                              This is so hilarious to me. Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I searched online for the nearest garden center. We thought it was great that there was one so close to our home. We tried and tried but couldn't find it. We did, however find (in its spot - in hindsight) El Patio - never realizing that this was the place the garden center was supposed to be. It was super cute and we took a menu to go. We got out of the car at that point for lunch but didn't feel the menu had what we wanted. We ended up at Brick Cafe in Astoria. But, as said, we took the menu to go and will prob hit it soon. Let me know if y'all have feedback. :)

                              1. re: Justpaula

                                is it in woodside? astoria? i tried to do a search?

                                1. re: ceeceee

                                  if it's the garden center i'm thinking of, it was on 31st avenue near 61st street (maybe 60th?) in woodside. they were sweet folks ... be interested to try the restaurant, although sad to hear the garden center has departed....

                          2. re: iloveupstate.com

                            Yes, very cute and nice to eat outside. The service was very attentive. The food though, needs some help. Although the staff is seemingly 100% hispanic, it's an Italian/American type menu. We had a sald and a couple appetizers and really nothing to ruturn for. If they went with more of a spanish flavored menu like small plates or something, the food might begin to compete with the atmosphere.

                            1. re: iloveupstate.com

                              I went to Patio today (Saturday) afternoon. They have a big outdoor space (hence the name) with about 25 umbrella covered tables. It's actually a nice setting despite the concrete floor. They've installed a rocky waterfall in the rear.
                              On this beautiful day, the place was virtually empty.

                              The menu is disappointing for a hound. A few pasta dishes, salads, the usual. A burger ordered medium-rare was poorly cooked and still raw and cold, though somehow gray in the middle. They didn't seem to use good quality meat. It was taken away and a new one brought forth cooked very well done. At least it was edible, though they had no mustard. A ravioli dish was pretty decent, however. Some friends have previously also enjoyed the ceviche.

                              This place needs a serious menu overhaul. While they have the excellent outdoor space working for them, they're located in an area with negligible foot traffic. The food is boring. As mentioned by moc, the food doesn't match the environment. There was Latin music playing the entire time, but the menu is 90% Italian-American. It's also a bit too pricey for the hood.

                              I would return just to hang out in the patio and have some beers (a hefty $7 for a Stella draft) during nice weather.

                              5805 31st Ave
                              Woodside, NY 11377
                              (718) 204-8580

                          3. New Post Coffee Shop at Queens Blvd. / 40th Street has the best diner food in the 'hood, and really good Mexican food, too. Try their torta (mexican sandwich) - it's delicious! The owners are really nice and friendly - and they've recently introduced me to 'cecina' - basically, salted beef. I was doubtful, but now I'm hooked.

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                            1. re: sunnyside_up

                              not for a sit-down but for take-away...when i lived in sunnyside, i would order take-out from Ten Full on 48th & Greenpoint. Everything was super fresh and delicious! The fried calamari is to die for. Even the folks running the place are really nice, down to the delivery guy. Hands down the best chinese in Sunnyside.

                              1. re: vsingh67

                                I second that vote for Ten Full! Good take out/delivery and wonderful people!

                                1. re: sunnyside_up

                                  I'll have to look for this place, I can't figure where it is. Good chinese in Sunnyside is precious.

                                  1. re: RedVelvet

                                    Ten Full Restaurant
                                    3949 48th Ave
                                    Sunnyside, NY 11104
                                    (718) 361-8838

                                    menu can be viewed here http://www.allmenus.com/menus/38406/T...
                                    try the fried calamari, it's awesome!

                                    1. re: vsingh67

                                      Thank you, I assumed the address above was saying 48th ST and Greenpoint, but is 48th ave. I'll definitely give them a try (love fried calamari!) - take-out if they don't deliver as we're on 49th st. N side of Q blvd. Thanks again.

                            2. I also second the vote for Turkish Grill. Great food, service and they deliver. Sapori D'ischia
                              at lunch has good sandwiches, I like the one with prosciutto/mozzerella/arugula.

                              1. El Nuevo Izalco @ 6405 Roosevelt Ave is my absolute top foodie choice in woodside. Best Salvadorian food you can get in NYC - everything is cooked with love and intention. the pupusas are to die for and the homemade hot sauce alone makes the visit worth it.

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                                1. re: bex

                                  Have now eaten Sir Vino twice...ick. The chopped salad was fine. The meatball parm was on stale bread and the meatballs were basically tasteless, the french fries were REALLY horrid. The first time in my life...I walked away from fries.

                                  Also, the prices on their takeout menu vary greatly from what they charge. Check your bill.

                                2. Another vote for Turkish Grill. Great chicken adana kebabs, and I could eat their bread all day long.

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                                  1. re: lvecch

                                    Yeah, one time I asked where they got their bread and they looked at me in horror and said they made it fresh everyday at the restaurant. Later I found out a special baker comes in to make the bread daily!

                                    1. re: ernie0716

                                      Wow, I wonder if that person makes the desserts too. I haven't had it in a while, but when I did, their baklava was the best I've eaten - and I've eaten a lot of baklava.

                                      1. re: lvecch

                                        The baklava comes from someone else, I asked. But they have this fabulous new dessert called kunaffe (not sure of the spelling). It's a shredded wheat kind of pastry with an unsalted cheese in the middle, fried in butter till golden and soaked in a sugar syrup, it's delicious and warm but...they do not always make it, it depends if they have the cheese.

                                        1. re: ernie0716

                                          I hadn't been to the Stop Inn diner in at least a year or more. Dropped in last night to catch a quick meal. For an Irish Diner...there wasn't a single Irish person in the place (employees or customers). Anyway...my irish sausage was burned to a crisp and french fries were were fried to the point of nastiness (you know when there's nothing inside the fry - totally hollow from being fried WAY too long). The prices on their menu didn't match what was on my bill. Live and learn...

                                          I have yet to find a great diner in the area. Oh how I miss the old chef/menu from Cup in Astoria circa 2 years ago. I long for their chili w/ the chunks of meat and the dollop of sour cream & avocado...or the shrimp/bacon wrap sandwich. Sigh.

                                  2. Casa Romana and the other row of Romanian spots on Skillman are fun... and have hot waitresses... I mean... good food. Stick to polenta and the heavy stuff. The tripe soup gets better as you go down the street. From good to great. Then again, I like Romanian food and I like practicing my Romanian.