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May 27, 2006 04:56 PM

Woodside/Sunnyside suggestions? (eating out AND delivery)

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Hi all. I just moved from Astoria to Woodside and I'm looking for some good options for restaurants -- both for eating out and for delivery (I'm on the Sunnyside edge of W'side, if that helps).

Here are the places I know about already: La Flor, Donovan's, Spripraphai (do they deliver?!), the Korean BBQ place on Roosevelt, Bliss, Aubergine, Donato's.

Any and all other suggestions are welcome! Thanks so much in advance. Feel free to email me if that's easier.

thx, Dan

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  1. Hemsin for Turkish on QB is very good, and pleasant atmosphere.....

    1. Mangal for informal Turkish. I love their doner kebab sandwich.

      Natural Tofu for soon dooboo (the soybean one is the best).

      Taco truck on Queens Blvd around 40th St for tacos and tortas that are pretty damn good. I like the lengua, asada and chorizo. I've found the pastor to be dry. The mixed torta (I ask for no chicken) is my favorite.

      1. El Jarro is one of the best restaurants in Sunnyside, which is on 45th St. and 48th Ave. Really cute, family-run Mexican restaurant - has excellent, cheap food.

        I also tried Moment's recently, which is Argentinian and pretty decent - on 42nd and Greenpoint. I also like Yamakaze for ramen (40th and Queens Blvd.). The Butcher's Block is a good place to stop by and pick up dinner - they have a meat and 2 sides special for $7.50 and is a ton of food - that's on 41st just north of Queens Blvd.

        Welcome to the neighborhood!

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          Thanks everyone! Very interested to try El Jarro.

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            It is called De Mole now, you can search the boards for tons of accolades!

        2. Nobody mentioned La Marjolaine, small bakery with small selection, but good bread and a few good pastries. Right across the street from Key Food on Skillman.

          New romanian restaurant opened on Skillman bet. 49th and 48th st., Acasa. Excellent cabbage with smoked hocks and what else.

          Taco truck at 52nd st. subway stop is pretty good, also.

          No amazing chinese, but ok and the most decent in the area, No.1 Chinese on 43rd ave bet. 49th and 50th st. Very nice owners also.

          Pio Pio at 46th st and Greenpoint makes a decent rotisserie chicken.

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            Acasa is for lack of better terminology, crazy good. The last time I was over there it looked like it was closed down though. Any word on that? It's so new too :(. Maybe they just have screwy hours?

          2. New York Style Eats on QB btw 45th & 46th is a yummy, cheap dinner restaurant. If you go Sunday about noon, after church lets out and young people wake up, you'd really get a feel for the community. The service is quick in the restaurant and to your home if you order out.

            La Pollera Colorada on Greenpoint Ave across from the Thalia Theatre a block or two south from the QB has delicious Colombian cuisine. The dishes are pricier because the portions are huge.

            And there's a Thai restaurant (purple-ish awning) in the same general vicinity from the Pollera that has good dishes and nice atmosphere.

            A luncheonette called Brothers on 40th & 43rd Avenue and the Butcher's Block market (tons of Irish products and dishes) on 41st and QB just behind the Burger King both have great soups.

            Hope that helps. Welcome to Sunnyside!

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              Thanks again all! I've been really curious about Butcher's Block. Will check it out...

              So sad that Sripraphai doesn't deliver, but I'm willing to make the (short) trek. :)