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May 24, 2006 12:15 PM

Mango on a stick?

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Hello, I'm a reporter from WNYC radio and I'm doing a story about the emergence of mango on a stick as a NYC street food. I used to see it only in the Bronx, then in Coney Island, then on 125th street, and then, on and off, 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. Have you seen it anywhere? Has a vendor emerged on a corner near you? Please let me know where you've spotted it. Any other info you know about it -- where the vendors are from, if there's a particular region, etc. I'd love to know. (you can post here or email me directly) Thanks!

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  1. Corner of University and 14th in Manhattan. Also, the Red Hook Ball Fields on weekends...

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    1. re: Lambretta76

      The mangos on a stick that I saw at the corner of University and 14th were cut into flower shapes. Are they all?

      1. re: efdee

        Nope. Most that I've seen are undecorated, except for hot sauce. Mmmmmmm.

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          In Mexico where these mangos on a stick are very, very common, they are almost always cut into a flower shape and served with a sprinkling of salt, a squirt of lime and optional hot sauce. They were a favorite childhood treat of mine in Oaxaca.

          Here in Queens I've seen them sold outside some of the delis by the courthouses in Jamaica. A super jury duty treat :)I always buy them when I am in Red Hook.

    2. Have you seen it anywhere?

      Where ever there are illegal aliens, and the requirement to have a venders licence is not enforced. I buy them on Flatbush.

      I like mine cut up, sauced with hot sauce and salt and put in a bag so I can mix everything shake and bake style.

      "Where the vendors are from, if there's a particular region"

      Mango growing countries. Haiti, Central America, type places.

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      1. re: geo8rge

        Can you tell me where on Flatbush?

        1. re: Andrea

          I guess if you start on Cortelyou and walk towards Prospect Park you go through the W Indian area. Probably miday weekends is best. To be honest it has been a couple of months since I was there, and I did not pay that much attention to if there were Mango Street Vendors (as opposed to nut, book, ect vendors). If you like I can give you a heads up if they are there and where. I sort of think they are always there on weekends when the shoppers are out.

          You might also try the "Third World Food Court" AKA the Red Hook Baseball Fields. See other posts on that subject. For some reason I think they might be there too.

          FWIW While walking along flatbush, Image Restaurant (take out only) has really good Roti. Scoops has excellent Ital (Jamacain vegaterian). Sybils on Church and Flatbush has jerk chicken that can be just adequate to brilliant, luck of the draw type place.

          For clothing VIM and Phat Albert (Flatbush corner w P Park).

      2. I assume you'll credit the site if you use the info...

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          Astoria Lurker

          There is a woman I've seen on 30th ave and 38th st (Astoria, Queens) in front of a little Mexican Grocery store who sells them.

          1. Try Roosevelt avenue in Jackson Heights, it has some 20+ ladies selling mangoes, especially on weekends.