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May 19, 2006 10:00 AM

Italian restaurant near triborough bridge, queens side

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Looking for a family oriented italian restaurant near triborough bridge for dinner tonight. Trattoria l'incontro is booked.

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    1. re: Astoria Lurker

      or Ponticello on Broadway b/w 46th & 47th. If you go to Piccolo Venezia - have the bucaloni. very delicious.

      1. re: meb903

        ... or Sapore de Ischia. These places are all very hot now. Last Friday I called for a Saturday reservation and got shut out at Pic,Trat LI and Sapore.

    2. How about Greek?
      Telly's Taverna and Stamatis are right across the street from each other 5-6 blocks from the bridge.
      Per the other Italian recs. Piccola Venezia might take you as a walk in. The Maitre'D's name is Gianni ( Johnny ) Ten spot gets the table.

      1. take a drive a little further to LIC and go to Manducatis on Jackson & 47th Avenue

        1. How about trying S'Agapo on 34th Ave. about 35th st>
          it is like a Greek restaurant in the south of France,in a Peryalis way, casual and chic.

          Barbara Lambrakis, the owner is charming and seems to collect artists and intellectuals and United Nations people of all countries.

          On the weekend the Roast Lamb is to die for.

          the fish is great all the time.

          even Martha Stewart sends her driver for take out.

          we go every sunday.

          strongly reccommend it.

          1. Trattoria L'Incontro, 31st and Ditmars, best Italian in Queens, hands down