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Jul 18, 2003 03:02 AM


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Bay area hounds..... I LOVE crispy artisan bread.
In fact..... I am currently living where there is only so so bread and VERY little in the way of cheese.

I am thinking about moving back to the area (I use to live one valley over from Nappa)....just so I can get my bread cravings satisfied.

Whose baguette is most like the ones you find overseas?

Thanks for any suggestions.....I may be making a trip to the area in a few weeks.

Oh yeah.....and pardon my spelling.

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  1. i like acme's baguette. thin crust, fairly small cylinder, airy (but not too much so) inside. no need for it, but oh so good with fresh, sweet butter. when fresh, it reminds me of the ones in paris.

    i, too, would be very interested in hearing what other hounds think of as the best baguette. when we first moved up here, i was on a quest to find this, but then i decided to *try* to reduce the carbs, so i'll have to save my splurges for that which the hounds decree as the best! ;)

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      I also love Acme's stick baguettes, especially the sourdough with a little cheese on it, but they are very crusty--they're all crumbs if you get them too late in the day.

      For traditional baguettes, I often prefer Bakers of Paris (which closed its retail stores a few years ago--the employees bought the one on Taraval and 21st). Unfortunately my local supplier just went under too. Their baguettes are very airy and soft in the middle, with a thin crust. Wrap Delight uses them for their bahn mi.

    2. If you'll be in the Far East (Bay) try the Cheeseboard on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley. I think their baguettes are the best by light years.

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      1. re: mcchowhound
        Stanley Stephan

        I second the Cheeseboard for best baguette. They can also be found at Arizmendi in SF.

      2. g
        god of cookery

        for a baguette, i prefer Artisan for perfectly golden brown crust that's not too toothy, mellow yeast smell and a clean flavor.

        1. I think Noe Valley Bakery's regular baguette is excellent if consumed within a couple of hours from purchase time. When fresh, I would rate their baguette higher that similarly fresh Acme, Artisan, etc. NVB has been knocked about on this board but their breads in general and baguettes in particular are still up there. Their pastries, however, are quite mediocre, IMHO.

          1. I'll also go with Cheeseboard. But a note for those visiting their baked goods: the baguettes (and a few other items they make with the same dough; city batard, cheese thing [the correct name], etc.) are their only reliable baked product. They overmix their scones and their muffins aren't great, though each is pretty much the best you can get in the neighborhood. The whole wheat bread is pretty good if you like it really dense. Overall I love the place.