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May 18, 2006 08:59 PM

New Korean Bon Chon Chicken Restaurant on Northern

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Yesterday on one of our late night walks to Han ah Reum for the Chowpup's favorite snack du jour "poon ah pang" (sp?), sweet red-bean stuffed fish-shaped griddle cakes, I noticed a new place that seems to have sprung up overnight- "Bon Chon Chicken" at 157-18 Northern Blvd. My husband went in for a takeout menu which was all in Korean and the kind waiter basically explained that they only serve fried chicken- legs called "Royal Drumsticks" ( which interested me b/c "Four Seasons" down the block, the placed that used to be "Maru" that does all of the really good "jjan chee jip" catering made outstanding fried chicken legs last week in a sweet and spicy pignoli studded sauce...but I digres....) , wings, or thighs- in either Soy Garlic or Hot Sauce. The photo card that suffices as their menu shows very straightforward-looking fried chix, but today my Korean high-schoolers waxed poetic about the place and pretty much described it as a temple that is the apotheosis of chicken. Is it part of a Seoul-based chain? Has anyone been? I'm currently on a very basic, mostly liquid-y diet to prepare for an upcoming abdominal surgery :( or I would have gotten an order last night.

Looks interesting.


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  1. seems to be a Chicken Explosion here in the Korean community of Flushing. A few blocks up from Bon Chon on 160th Street right next to the Korean Natural Restaurant (where I looooooooove an occasional date and rice stuffed whole chicken in a strong broth) is a month old really casual chix place called CHEOGAJIP...It's basically a fry shack. Their menu-card shows pictures of four different style fried chickens- plain, house style, spicy house style, and herb.

    Along with Bon Chon's flashy little menu card this one too asks that patrons be patient for their chicken as all chicken is:
    1. made to order ( not pre-fried)
    2. fried in fresh oil every time and
    3. the best chicken imaginable! Actually healthy! :)
    This was all translated by my ninth graders for me.

    Yesterday at the nail salon, the owners were raving about Bon Chon, telling me it's the most welcome chain from Korea.

    Can't wait for this stomach surgery to finally be done with so I can explore :(


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      yes! i was curious about that cheogajip, it's next door to the natural health center. the whole chicken soup you're talking about is sam gye tang, one of my dear comfort foods. my mom used to make it for me when i was feeling sick at home... sigh, one of the many, many things i miss about her. :(

      see, the thing about this korean fried chicken is that it's always been a snack or something to snack on while i drank. i don't think i could really eat it as a meal...? i think that the cheogajip also looks like a korean drinking place from the outside, which is why i've been hesitant to go in and explore...

    2. ok so i know this post is a million years old but the times just featured this restaurant among others and listed Bon Chon as having a Manhattan location??? is this true? i can't find it anywhere.. :(

        1. re: Linda

          The phone in the digest is correct but the address has changed. The Manhattan Bon Chon is at 314 5th Ave. (2nd floor), near 32nd St.

        2. I'm glad that Korean fried chicken is finally hitting. One of my lasting memories from the last time I was in Seoul, about a year ago in the chill dead of winter, was hunkering down with some chicken and beer in some 2 by 4 crawlspace. So far, in NYC, I have only hit Mani Mani (just a few blocks away from Bon Chon and the place Lisa mentioned) and Manhattan's Baden Baden, both of which are decent.

          Anyhow, here's a link to today's Times Article:

          1. Did take-out at Bon Chon this evening. Got the big special order, with wings and drumsticks, and had them mix it up, with two types of chicken, spicy and non. Both types are glazed. Very crispy, especially the non-spicy, which sounds like a cracker when you bite into it. My verdict is that this stuff is pretty good - fried chicken enthusiasts could do a lot worse. The non-spicy glazed chicken, however, is no match for the smokey version served up at the now-defunct Mani Mani, which was about 8 blocks east. (Had a heartpang as I drove along Northern Boulevard and noticed the "For Rent" sign in the window) I look forward to returning to Bon Chon, though; next time, I will stick with the drumsticks, which were a cut above the wings, more moist and crunchy.