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May 15, 2006 02:28 PM

arthur avenue

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any recommendations for arthur ave in the bronx?

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  1. 1) roberto's
    603 crescent ave @ hughes ave (just east of arthur ave)
    718 733-9503
    reservations not accepted
    definitely one of the best italian restaurants in the entire city. waits can be horrendous b/c there's a no reservations policy, but go early and get any of the specials on any given day. the pasta's homemade and really excllent

    2) full moon pizzeria
    600 e. 187th st @ arthur ave
    one of the better pizzas in the arthur ave area. nothing fancy or spectacular, just a good, solid slice.

    3) cafe al mercato
    arthur avenue market, 2344 arthur ave btwn e. 186th st & crescent ave
    great sicilian slices, plus a wide range of pizza types (and toppings) and changing assortment of pasta specials.

    4) mike's deli
    arthur avenue market, 2344 arthur ave btwn e. 186th st & crescent ave
    great italian heroes--among the best in the city. get the towering inferno (smoked mozzarella with smoked prosciutto).

    5) madonia brothers bakery
    2348 arthur ave btwn e. 186th st & crescent ave
    great italian bakery with excellent breads and cannolis.

    6) arthur avenue baking company
    arthur avenue market (toward rear of market), 2344 arthur ave btwn e. 186th st & crescent ave
    outstanding napoleons.

    7) allstar cafe
    2328 arthur ave btwn e. 186th st & crescent ave
    albanian cafe with chops, homemade sausages, fish, etc.

    8) tony & tina's pizza
    2483 arthur ave @ e. 189th st
    albanian pizzeria. the thing to get here is their burek (albanian pies). go in the morning to get a fresh burek, before they run out.

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    1. re: surly
      bob oppedisano

      I'd add to this: Emilia's, across Arthur Ave for a cheap and cheerful meal, esp at lunch. The Arthur Ave Baking Co inside the retail market is closed. Go to DeLillo's around the corner on East 187St for terrific pastry (and caffe).

      1. re: bob oppedisano

        Dominick's: it's a family-style restaurant that gets no points for sit at long picnic tables...they have no menus, just a waiter who says "we can make you some lasagna, or some veal, or chicken..." Their stuffed artichoke is out of this world.

        1. re: eva

          Dominick's is our "go to" place for dinner before or after Yankee games. Love the "decor", food and service. We've tried several of the other recs when Dominick's was closed. It'a all good.

          1. re: Motosport

            I have to thirds' Dominicks. Motrosport is totally right about the stuffed artichoke. It is just amazing. The linguini calamari is out of this world also. Great family style food. A little salad, and artichoke, some linguini calamari, broccoli rabe, a chix scarpariello, and their stuffed peppers. What a meal for four or more.

            But the artichoke and linguini calamari really steal the show.

        2. re: bob oppedisano

          I second Emilia's. Just ate there this past weekend, and everything was tasty. Service was also attentive and polite.

          1. re: bosun

            Not a big fan of Emilia's, but definitely big on Casa Della Moazzarella and DeLilo's.

            You should also go to Vincent's Meat Market (on the left side past 187th) and pick up some sausages (home-made) or the cured pork jowl. You can get a pound for about $8.00, my friend did in September and adds a silver to most thing he cooks. It lasted him a good 2 months.


            Vincent's Meat Market
            2374 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

          2. re: bob oppedisano

            Forgot to mention: Vincent's also has slab bacon that they will slice up for you. Much better than any of that packaged crap you'll get in the grocery store.

            There's a worthwhile Mexican bodega with a bakery right past 188th street on Hughes (one block east).

            Estrellita Poblano III offers great Mexican food, if you want something different.


            1. re: NewYorkNewHaven

              Yeah, there's a growing Mexican population in the Arthur Ave area - the other Sunday, morning there was a woman selling tamales from a cart by the park on Arthur (between 187th-188th). I had just had a morning coffee and sfogliatelle and didn't try one, but she seemed to be very popular, so next time...!!

              1. re: Striver

                Thats definitely a weekly occurrence. If you go west and walk down the Concourse and Jerome (and in between) you'll see a lot of those gals. Any one found a particularly good one?

                1. re: NewYorkNewHaven

                  There's a S American population too...I think there are 2 empanada restaurants on 187th between Hughes and Arthur, and a Mexican restaurant a few doors down from the Madonia, and I love love love Vincents meat market and Casa de Mozarella, but IMHO Dominicks is pretty bad. Roberto's is a much better choice for the area.

        3. also, go to carmel wines, casa de mozzarella, borghatis pasta, terranova bakery.. ask directions when you are there, they are all very close to each other

          1. I've got what may be kind of a dumb question about Mike's Deli in the retail market. Is it the same or separate from the sandwich place in the far left-hand corner of the market that has tables and chairs? (By my geography, Mike's is on the far right-hand back corner of the market.) I've had a sandwich at the place with the tables and it was excellent, but I thought it had another name, something besides ``Mike's.'' Am I wrong? If it is a separate entity from Mike's, where do you eat your sandwich that you buy at the Mike's counter? In the street or in your car?
            Thanks in advance for helping to clear up my confusion on this. I'm planning to be in NY over Thanksgiving & want to consume a top-quality hero (preferably w.o. turkey).

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            1. re: dan f.

              You can order from Mike's and sit at tables that are almost across from Mike's - closer to the butcher. When I order coffee, they deliver it to the table. Enjoy!

              1. re: dan f.

                The place in the far left is Café al Mercato and it is a separate business. I think their food is superior, great sandwiches, salads, pizza and a mean cappuccino.

                1. re: dmleo

                  On the day before Thanksgiving, ended up at Cafe al Mercato because line was pretty long at Mike's. I had a doctored up hero of prosciutto, sopresata, mozzarella, provolone, marinated mushrooms and roasted peppers. (Counter guy was very obliging: ``You want it? You got it.'') My brother had veal parm hero. Both very good, served on the local Italian bread encrusted with sesame seeds. Saw where the tables are for Mike's (covered with outgoing TG orders when we walked by) & will be trying a Mike's hero next time I get up there. Thanks for all advice.

                  1. re: dan f.

                    Finally got to Mike's. Very nice sandwich on sesame-encrusted Italian bread. Basic ingredients, sopresata, salami, mozzarella, roasted pepper, sun-dried tomato(?), etc. In some ways a better sandwich than Cafe al Mercato because it wasn't overstuffed. Actually left room for dessert at one of the bakeries down the block.

              2. Id Have to say Roberto's around the corner. It is fantastic. Get there early,if not expect a wait . But it is soooo worth it. Even with the line out the door you wont feel rushed.Food is amazing!!

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                1. Went to Zero Otto Nove at 2357 Arthur Ave for lunch this week. The place is owned by Roberto's.It says so on the business card. It is absolutely beautiful with muted shades of grey reminiscent of a small trattoria in Italy. We shared two dishes: a brick oven pizzette with the driest crust I've ever tasted, topped with greens and I believe fresh mozzerella and a chicken scarpiello that was made on the bone in an orange colored sauce that was tasty. Only criticism was that the dish contained only the cheaper cuts of the bird and being on the bone gave little to eat; nevertheless, it was good. One humorous note: when my son gave the waiter a $50 bill for a $30 check, he asked if we wanted change. The place was intriguing and I'd return

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                  1. re: budcar

                    Chicken scarpariello is always served on the bone.

                    1. re: edfreeze

                      Chicken scarpariello should be made with the bone but 90% of restaurants use pieces of boneless chicken breast because It easier and cheaper. Roberto's gives you the real deal.

                      1. re: JohnAM

                        Does anyone remember Genoa? (The restaurant, not the city.) It was on the Upper West Side – on Columbus, I think – and it closed in the 80's or early 90's. The chicken scarpariello was wonderful, with a very flavorful, vinegary sauce. The meat was cooked on the bone but cut into smallish chunks, so it was manageable but didn't dry out. Is that how it is at Roberto's? I've had the dish a few times since, but it's always been either bland or dry or both – very disappointing.

                    2. re: budcar

                      Cheaper cuts of the bird? I guess that depends on which part of the world you live in. Lucky for me here in the United States the dark meat is less expensive. Price does not always indicate quality only the value of popularity.

                      1. re: budcar

                        I love Arthur Ave, have been going there since I was a child but....I've been to Zero Otto Nove and was very disappointed with the food. The place is nothing like any small trattoria I've ever seen anywhere in Italy but rather it reminded me of Disney's Epcott Center. You can see what they were trying to achieve with the cheesy decor but all they had to do was to keep it simple and to serve good food. I prefer the food served at Cafe del Mercado or Mike's Deli inside the reatail market. The decor is non-existant but the food is good and it is absent of pretention. Besides, what could be better than having a bite to eat surrounded by all of the glorious food on display in the market.

                        1. re: FrancescaP

                          Cafe al Mercado ftw!!! I could sure go for a chicken angelina sandwich from there right about now!

                          1. re: razeup

                            I love the brocolli rabe pizza at Cafe al Mercado!