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May 12, 2006 06:19 PM

Difara's on the weekend

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How long do you think the wait would be for a pie on a Sat around 3 PM?

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  1. I know this will not answer your question, but I have waited less than 5 minutes and as long as 45 for a slice that time of day

    1. isn't it closed on saturdays?

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      1. re: zorgclyde

        no, but most of the rest of the neighborhood is. the orchard, the gourmet fruit store on coney island ave., however is open on saturdays.

        1. re: redgirl

          If nothing else, parking is a breeze there on Sat, because so little is open

      2. So, did you go? How was the wait?

        1. I heard there was some strategy regarding Difaras...I have a friend ordering a pizza friday night around 8 for pick up. How long will it take? Also, will someone steal it from her? Any advice iswelcome

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          1. re: Wicker Parker

            I went on Sunday (Easter) and my wait was approximately 30 mins. I was the only one at the counter for about 5 mins, then a line formed almost immediately. This was at about 3pm. Husband went nuts for it, can't stop talking about it!

            1. re: Devi

              That happened to me [no people] the first time I went there and I thought I might be in the wrong place because all I ever heard about was the crowds. I had to ask Dom if he was Dom. Thirty minutes later it was like a Greyhound bus had broken down outside. Packed.