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May 9, 2006 10:19 AM

Lobster in Brooklyn: Nick's, Randazzo's or Jordan's??

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Looking for a place to sit outside and have good lobster and raw bar. Which is best, Nick's (2777 Flatbush), Randazzo's (2023 Emmon's) or Jordan's (3165 Harkeness)? What's the difference in quality, vibe, price etc. between the three of them.


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  1. Jordan's for lobster-- they have an indoor resturant now, I haven't been there since they built the addition.

    Randazzo's for raw bar/calamari---get the hot sauce I usually find the lobster rubbery.

    Nick's I haven't been there for years so I can't comment.

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    1. re: MrsT

      nick's serves cold fries, bad steamers, and passable lobsters.

      id go with jordans for lobster, randazzos for fried seafood.

      1. re: sam

        If you want to sit outside, you're only real choice is Nicks.

        Jordan's still has a few picnic tables out front, but it's like eating on the sidewalk. Jordans has just moved the fish market out of it's old space and put it behind the restaurant. It's gotten very pricey lately too.

        Randazzo's - don't like the place, don't like the attitude.

      2. re: MrsT

        Only went to Jordan's once, and was so wanting to like it, but my lobster was dried out. I ate it anyway, I was so jonesing for a lobster, but I don't know that I would go back. Was quite disappointed. That said, the people I was with were very happy with their lobster rolls and chowder.

      3. Dinner recently at Nick's. Excellent steamers, lobster, and fries; soggy corn; nice view. Highly recommended.

        1. I personally wouldn't order a whole lobster at any one of them. Only time I was at Nicks, the lobster was mushy from sitting in hot water too long and not at all appetizing. The seafood fra diavlo with a slice of italian bread and a red wine at Randazzo's is the bomb.

          1. The lobster at Nick's look half dead. The lobster at Jordan's are very fresh but they do not cook them well. Buy live at Jordan's and cook them yourself.

            1. I like the lobsters at Fairway (Red Hook) myself.