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May 5, 2006 03:59 PM

help with Pio Pio

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going to the queens pio pio

is matador combo worth it, over ordering everything separately?

difference between seafood salad (appetizer), jalea (entree), and seafood platter (entree)?

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  1. m
    Mark in Bayside

    The Matador combo is fine for two people, its great and well worth it. That and a pitcher of Sangria is all that two will need for a good night out!

    Ive never even tried the others but they sure looked good!

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    1. re: Mark in Bayside
      Monkey Man Jake

      Matador even works for THREE-FOUR people. It's that big. Whole chicken (tho a small one) franks and fries, rice and beans, avocado salad and fried green plantains. Ludicrously big meal.

    2. d
      Dan now in JH

      I avoid that combo... the hotdog/french fries thing doesn't really work for me. I'm a huge fan of the chicken... plus they make great maduros, yuca fritas, avocado salad, pisco sours...

      Jalea is lightly fried seafood (not even a little bit greasy), with lime juice and a few other things lightly spritzed on top. I like this a lot, but note that the small size is huge, and probably enough for three or more people.

      Seafood salad is ceviche-style... octopus, squid, shrimp in a very citrus-y marinade (there's much better ceviche than this nearby). They also have a ceviche, which is cubes of white fish in a similar style. Not exactly sure about the seafood platter.

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      1. re: Dan now in JH

        see this post; they went with the matador combo AND the jalea and it seemed to be more than enough food! (looks really really really delicious)

      2. we always get the matador combo because we like the salchipapas (hot dogs/fries)...with at least 4 people that plus jalea is a huge amount of food. Oh yeah, also some ceviche, either mixed or just fish, always fresh. I skip sangria (too sweet for me) and drink Pisco Sours and Cusquena or Cristal beer. YUM

        1. When we take another couple to Pio Pio for the first time and order the Matador Combo we usually get asked at least 2 or 3 times if that one dish is enough for all of us. We always have a little left over and that keeps them quiet for the next time we go.

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          1. re: ajs42548

            If I get the Matador Combo to share for a bunch of people I order an extra chicken or half-chicken. That way everybody can get their pick of chicken parts. They charge like 5 bucks for the extra chicken.