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May 1, 2006 12:42 PM


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Manhattan hound (grew up in Queens but with Brooklyn roots)with wanderlust over the weekend. Tried Clemente's on Avenue T for the first time. Asked for a roast beef hero to go. Got back to the gravy! Should I have asked for "french dip"?! Maybe because it was Sunday they didn't have it. The roast beef was still very good homemade but not worth the trip though I'm still wondering if the gravy (and maybe should've gotten mozzerella?) is worth another try? Rookie mistake. Then on to my primary target: first time at L&B Spumoni Gardens. Had 2 squares-really sweet sauce though it fell off. Liked it though I think I prefer the pizza truck's version on 51st and Park. The spumoni was good but not up to the Lemon Ice King of Corona (who also beats the hell out of Ralph's in Staten Island). Disappointed I went back to the shrine...DiFara's on Avenue J for 2 round slices from Dom...heaven.

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  1. there's a pizza truck on 51st and park? which corner? and is it only there on weekdays during lunch, or on weekends as well? i've never seen it, although since i'm not normally in that nabe, esp. on weekdays, perhaps it's a matter mof bad timing on my part.

    do they serve anything other than pizza sqaures?

    1. Though I do make a pilgrimage at least once per summer, I think L&B Spumoni Gardens is more about the scene (especially in the summer) than the actual food. If you compare it side-by-side with DiFara's, as you did, it is bound to be unimpressive.