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Apr 28, 2006 06:00 PM

Noodle Pudding report

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Went to Noodle Pudding last night with my SO, and since there arent a lot of detailed report on this place I'll add my 2 cents. It has a nice vibe, friendly but not at all stuffy and the prices are better than I had expected (apps from ~ 6-10; pastas from 9-12; dinner entrees around 20; desserts 5). Shared the buffalo mutz appetizer and a special of fried anchovies. The mozzarella was served with halved cherry tomotoes, greens and roasted red pepper. It was really delicious--large portion, very fresh, the roasted pepper had more of a smoky roasted flavor than the peppers we make at home. I've had better mozzerella but only in italy. My SO didn't like it as much but still thought it was quite good. The anchovies were a total disspointment--we had expected whole anchovies, they were filets, and looked like the white anchovies (boquerones, i think) that i get from the appetizer case, batter fried. The problem was they had no taste--nada, zilch. In retrospect we should have sent them back. But I digress--we ordered a pasta, which was served with eggplant and ricotta (maybe peppers too). This was a little bitter and slightly overcooked, but once the ricotta was mixed in it was creamy and quite tasty.

And then the absolute highlight of the meal, and one of the best entrees I have ever had (I'm an app person): lamb with cannelli beans. The lamb was seared with rosemary, perfectly med rare and served sliced. Hard to explain how wonderful this meat tasted, but each bite was a flavor explosion. beans were pretty good too, but less out-of-the-ordinary.

After that I was more inclined to try dessert and for $5 how could I resist--we had the lemon goat cheesecake and it was lovely. Not too goat-y (goat cheesecake never is) but very smooth with some high notes of goatness. A nice end to a pretty great meal.

Mentioned my dissapointment with the anchovies when the waiter came by to ask how I meal was--he didn't seem to care much, ce la vie.

For when I go back--any other pasta recommendations?

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  1. I miss Noodle Pudding. My son used to live just around the corner. I loved their skate dish. Try that if you see it on the menu sometime. And thanks for the vicarious meal! pat

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      Tagliatelle with wild boar ragu!

    2. I have no further pasta recs but the pork chop with the stewed vinegar peppers is another outstanding entree.

      1. We have been disappointed by the not so terrific food at NOODLE PUDDING the last two dinners we had there.

        We much prefer going next door to HENRY'S END where the food is consistently excellent.

        1. My wife and I LOVE Noodle Pudding! Next time you go, get the bolognese. It's out of this world.

          1. Love this place- always great. Try the gnocchi in butter sauce- it's amazing- especially with a glass of red wine.