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Apr 27, 2006 12:44 PM

Picket Fence?

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Heard from a friend that this place is good...never it in windsor terrace?

anyone have an opinion on it?

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  1. It's in Ditmas Park on Cortelyou Road.

    1. It's in Ditmas Park on Cortelyou Road.

      1. i would only go out of desperation. def. nothing special.


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        1. re: josh L

          I had one good dinner there, but two brunch attempts were disappointingly pallid. The skirt steak at dinner is pretty nice.

        2. It's ok but nothing special. I'm within walking distance but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there.

          1. given that the pickings for dpark area are slim, someone should say a bit more? ok, i will. i went a few weeks ago for dinner by myself - service was fine..i asked for some specific things..skirt steak with the sauce on the side and a substitution for the potatoes and was completely accomodated. i thought the steak was good but had that texture of having been marinated a bit too long. the potatoes were great and the spinach was great also. i was trying to read a book during dinner but wow, it was dark in there! while there, midweek, the restaurant completely filled up. i was impressed by that. everyone was taken care of and served quickly and, obviously, some were regulars. one thing that bugged me was that the waiter cleared my plate and asked me: would you like anything else? without handing me the dessert menu. i think that was because i was a single at the table. but i did have dessert. it was my least fave thing..i had an apple crisp that was cloyingly sweet...just way over the top. but all in all, a nice addition to the neighborhood.

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            1. re: redgirl

              I would agree that this place is very up and down and sometimes not worth the price. Lately brunch has had a line outside -- it's decent but nothing special.

              The salmon club is a nice sandwich though, and in a pinch we'll eat there occasionally. We're within walking distance as well.