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Spanish in the Boros

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I am looking for some great Spanish food in any of the boroughs. Something similar to El Faro or some of the NJ Ironbound restaruants, but definitely out of Manhattan. Any recommendations? I heard of a great place in Bayonne, but I am not sure if I want to schlep all the way over there.

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    Peter Cherches

    I've heard great things about El Boqueron in Astoria, though I haven't been there. I believe it's run by a guy who used to work at El Cid, and there's a tapas focus. A Cuban friend of mine who used to go with me to El Cid had raved about it, and he told me it's a very comfortable place.

    Link: http://petercherches.blogspot.com

    1. Real Madrid Spanish Restaurant on Forest Ave in (Gasp!) Staten Island has a great wait staff,excellent prices and superb food...Well worth the trip.
      The portions are HUGE, and the daily specials are...
      well... Special. I am not a wine drinker, but their white sangria is addictive: Tart and delicious. It's a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere. Great for a date or a family evening out.You can linger as long as you want and parking is plentiful in or out of their lot.
      I would skip dessert, which is nothing special.
      You'll be too full anyway...

      1. I believe the place in Bayonne you're talking about is Mediterraneo. I ate there several years ago and recall it as very pleasant, good for a date or relaxed occasion. Homemade potato chips! :-) I think I must have had something shrimpy -- they have an extensive menu. Sorry I can't provide more details, but I do recommend it.

        Menu: http://www.mediterraneobayonne.com/Me...

        1. Years ago I read that some Portuguese families have settled near the Sutphin Blvd stop of the E train. I went out there a few times and had good meals at O Lavrador 138-40 101 Ave., Richmond Hill,Queens 526-1526 I also saw two restaurants on Sutphin near the train and ate at one; not bad. Searching online, the only Portuguese place I can find on Sutphin is
          Churrasqueira Restaurant 59-29 (or 95-29, depending on the website; I'd guess the latter) Sutphin Blvd I dont know if that was the one I dined at or not. There might be others; this is one of the less-explored parts of town. I should add that I preferred the Ironbound chow better, especially the northern Spanish Casa Vasca
          And about seven years ago Jim Leff posted about incredible Portuguese places way out on Long Island.

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            I believe that there's a big Portuguese population out in Mineola. That's interesting to hear about the Sutphin places, though - is it Portuguese or is it Brazilian?

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              Portuguese not Brazilian. And very reminiscent of places in the Ironbound.

              As for Mineola, here's an old thread... but I think I heard that "Little Portugal" moved to Connecticut.


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                And a poster in Connecticut just found a Portuguese place there. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          2. We like Marbella Restaurant, 220-33 Northern Blvd • Bayside, New York • (718) 423-0100 (only a few miles east of Shea Stadium). http://www.marbella-restaurant.com. We like the food and the casual atmosphere...where else can you hear happy birthday played on a harp.

            There also is Meson Asturias, 40-12 83rd Street, Jackson Heights (right off of Roosevelt Avenue), 7180-446-9154. It is small. Double check if they still have the Flamenco dancers and live music.

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              Meson Asturias is quite good. They have a 3 course lunch for $10 including sangria! At least, they used to.

            2. Try Sanchos on 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge. My best friend's family is from Northern Spain and they reccomended it to me. The salsa verde is pretty good.