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Apr 25, 2006 09:18 PM

Spanish in the Boros

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I am looking for some great Spanish food in any of the boroughs. Something similar to El Faro or some of the NJ Ironbound restaruants, but definitely out of Manhattan. Any recommendations? I heard of a great place in Bayonne, but I am not sure if I want to schlep all the way over there.

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    Peter Cherches

    I've heard great things about El Boqueron in Astoria, though I haven't been there. I believe it's run by a guy who used to work at El Cid, and there's a tapas focus. A Cuban friend of mine who used to go with me to El Cid had raved about it, and he told me it's a very comfortable place.


    1. Real Madrid Spanish Restaurant on Forest Ave in (Gasp!) Staten Island has a great wait staff,excellent prices and superb food...Well worth the trip.
      The portions are HUGE, and the daily specials are...
      well... Special. I am not a wine drinker, but their white sangria is addictive: Tart and delicious. It's a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere. Great for a date or a family evening out.You can linger as long as you want and parking is plentiful in or out of their lot.
      I would skip dessert, which is nothing special.
      You'll be too full anyway...

      1. I believe the place in Bayonne you're talking about is Mediterraneo. I ate there several years ago and recall it as very pleasant, good for a date or relaxed occasion. Homemade potato chips! :-) I think I must have had something shrimpy -- they have an extensive menu. Sorry I can't provide more details, but I do recommend it.


        1. Years ago I read that some Portuguese families have settled near the Sutphin Blvd stop of the E train. I went out there a few times and had good meals at O Lavrador 138-40 101 Ave., Richmond Hill,Queens 526-1526 I also saw two restaurants on Sutphin near the train and ate at one; not bad. Searching online, the only Portuguese place I can find on Sutphin is
          Churrasqueira Restaurant 59-29 (or 95-29, depending on the website; I'd guess the latter) Sutphin Blvd I dont know if that was the one I dined at or not. There might be others; this is one of the less-explored parts of town. I should add that I preferred the Ironbound chow better, especially the northern Spanish Casa Vasca

          And about seven years ago Jim Leff posted about incredible Portuguese places way out on Long Island.

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            I believe that there's a big Portuguese population out in Mineola. That's interesting to hear about the Sutphin places, though - is it Portuguese or is it Brazilian?

            1. re: lambretta76

              Portuguese not Brazilian. And very reminiscent of places in the Ironbound.

              As for Mineola, here's an old thread... but I think I heard that "Little Portugal" moved to Connecticut.


              1. re: Brian S

                And a poster in Connecticut just found a Portuguese place there.

          2. We like Marbella Restaurant, 220-33 Northern Blvd • Bayside, New York • (718) 423-0100 (only a few miles east of Shea Stadium). We like the food and the casual atmosphere...where else can you hear happy birthday played on a harp.

            There also is Meson Asturias, 40-12 83rd Street, Jackson Heights (right off of Roosevelt Avenue), 7180-446-9154. It is small. Double check if they still have the Flamenco dancers and live music.

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              Meson Asturias is quite good. They have a 3 course lunch for $10 including sangria! At least, they used to.