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Apr 24, 2006 10:45 AM

SugarCane restaurant in Brooklyn

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I tried this place Saturday night. The food was delicious, but the music was loud to the point of obnoxious. The hostess had a surly attitude as well. Just wondering what other people's experience of this place was.

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  1. I had the same experience. Never went back.

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    1. re: Tom

      Could be cultural? Every time we've gone, the place has felt as much like a party as a restaurant, and a pretty darn good party at that. Crowd is upscale Caribbean--we're never surprised to be the only Anglos. As for volume, it's hardly more than Song (not that I care for Song) and positively sedate next to the West Indian parade. I'd say, go for the food and the vibe and have yourself another daiquiri.

      1. re: jmj

        I dislike Song because it's way too loud and the food isn't anything special. I'm not into the whole party restaurant thing, unless I'm just there to drink. And comparing a restaurant to the West Indian parade makes no sense at all.

        1. re: Tom

          I don't understand why there's no connection to the West Indian Parade... SugarCane is a Trinidadian restaurant, they often have live music, including soca and steel drums, and the clientele is looking for a good time. Excluding the costumes and public drunkeness, it does exude a Carneval-lite type atmosphere.

          They used to have fantastic shark and bake and the sorrel mimosas were very good.

          1. re: Lambretta76

            I meant that the comparison to a parade isn't something that should be a positive recommendation for a restaurant--at least for me.

            1. re: Tom

              Ah - to each their own, I guess. I feel that the parade is one of the most vibrant and exciting days of the year in NYC, not to mention a treasure trove of Chowhound finds.

              Yes it's loud, and yes it's crowded, but it's also incredibly human and friendly. It may seem scary to outsiders, but - for the most part - everyone is warm and inviting. That's the feeling I've received when I've gone to SugarCane.

              1. re: Lambretta76

                Went to SugarCane with co-workers last week. The enviroment was loud, and fun! We were still able to hear each other, hence enjoying our food and company.

                I had a baked chicken dish with mango. It was recommended by a friend. Delish! The drinks were very good as well.

                For the record, my party was mixed. We were all made to feel very welcomed!

        2. re: jmj

          my synopsis, based on a few visits: the food can be very good, but not outstanding. i've enjoyed the salmon, chickpea fritters, and one other fish item i can't remember. friends have raved over the fried chicken. portions are generous and salads/veg are very good.

          drinks are great and there is definitely a party atmosphere to the place. in my experience, the crowd is quite 'upscale' and primarily of color. i'm caucasian and have gone with all-white groups and with mixed and black groups and have felt more 'included' when with the latter.

      2. Loud restaurants are not restricted to any particular cultural group. It is a phenomenon we have found to be on the upswing.

        The other night we walked in to JOYA on Court Street. The noice level was deafening, the music unbearable. The crowd, young, "hip", trendy... and very loud. I think the restaurants are designed to attract that demographic.

        We can't bear places where you can't hear yur dinner companion's conversation. We walked out.

        1. Since you said that the food was delicious, please share with us what you tried.

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          1. re: DeeDee

            had the jerk chicken wings and grilled shrimp tonight, both were excellent. the place was no louder than the average and the waitstaff easily pleasant. we were the only two white faces present

          2. I've always been happy with the food at Sugarcane. Last night, had sugarcane shrimp appetizer and the vegetarian roti, which was enormous! My boyfriend and I split these and had enough to bring home. Only quibble with menu items: the way-too-sweet mojitos. Now for the ambience. It's festive inside but, yes, very loud. Outside is quieter, except for the giant ventilation system that makes a real racket. I'm sure I'd go more often if they fixed this. Our waiter was great, really friendly.