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Rosa's Pizza in Maspeth

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Thank you to the people who have written about this place, also to ChowNews for recently highlighting the thread discussing square pies in the outer boros. Just a quick spin up 69th St. from Jackson Hts - who knew??!!!

Really excellent Sicilian slice, also delicious Sfingione slice, which was new to me, described on the menu "w/onions & breadcrumbs (no cheese)". Breadcrumbs & onions?? Again - who knew? (clearly somebody, not me!) Supplemented our slices with an excellent, garlicky grilled chicken panino w/ mozz.

Atmosphere - large & bright, unassuming neighborhood pizza place, choice of self serve at tables opposite the counter, or table service in a separate room. Gotta love a place that has a sign asking customers on line at the counter to refrain from using their cell phones. That's what I call considerate management!

55-26 69th St (near Grand Ave.) (718) 446-5910.

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  1. Helen, Thanks for the report. I've also been eyeing Rosas for a while, since I pass by when I do my shopping at Iavarone Brothers. The exterior reminds me of the pizza places in New Haven, so if anything, it looks promising. Rosas and O'Neils (on 69th St) are on the top of my list of places to visit in the Maspeth area. By the way, the breadcrumb and onion slice is something that was pretty standard at Ben's in Soho (Thompson/Spring) for decent Sicilian slices, but I haven't been there in ages.

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      Rosa is worth the trip ... O'Neil's on the other hand I would skip ... over priced and nothing to write home about ... along with the atmosphere ...

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        O'Neil's is a good bet if you get the steak. If you don't get the steak, don't go there.

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          I agree about ONeill's. Same owners as yankee clipper over by south street/old fulton fish market. Nothing special unless you want to play the horses while you eat. I have had consistent, if not terribly original steak, chops, and salads at Connolly's Corner on Grand Ave. Their house salad with crispy fried leeks is lovely.

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            I was thinking about this review in the Village Voice from a few years back about the pizza at Oneill's. Still sounds interesting enough for a visit.


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              The pizza is the only good thing at O'Neill's. The restaurant used to be nice, years ago, but it has gone downhill. The pizza on the other hand is made outside of the kitchen and in a coal/brick type oven. I have to say, it's damn good for delivery. Try the grandma, well done. Delicious!

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            Hi Eric, funny that you mention New Haven. When we left Rosa's on Sunday night, Karen remarked that it felt as though we'd just had an out-of-town pizza experience, almost as if we were stepping out of Mystic Pizza.

          3. Glad to hear the praises of ROSA being sung! Love their sicilian at the Ridgewood location (corner of Fresh pond rd and metro.) The Rosa is Middle Village on Metropolitan avenue should be avoided at all cost though!

            Has anyone ever tried their BBQ chicken slice? Hubby swears by it!

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              Agree about the Rosa's on Fresh Pond-- one of the few good food options in the neighb. Plus, it's only 5 minutes from our apartment...Usually hit them on the way back from Karl Ehmer's....

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                I work right across the street (at the bank). Besides ROSA and the new Greek place down the street (SPARTA I think?) everything else on Fresh Pond is fast food. You can only have Quizno's so many times...

                Another slice I enjoy from ROSA is their baked ziti slice. Ask for sauce on the side and it's a meal.

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                  Yeah, I was eyeing that ziti slice, also a gorgeous-looking ravioli slice. Ordinarily I steer clear of that composite sort of thing, but I have to admit they both looked appealing, in a carbalicious kind of way.

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                    Does anyone like Chicken Galore on Fresh Pond Rd?

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                      About 30 years ago the Chicken Delight chain went out of businesses and some of the franchises became Chicken Galore. I wonder if that's one of those. I remember that they changed their motto from "Don't cook tonight, call Chicken Delight" to "Cook no more, call Chicken Galore."

                      I used to love Chicken Delight when I was a kid.

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                Peter Cherches

                Sicilians put breadcrumbs on almost everything, including pasta.

                Link: http://petercherches.blogspot.com

                1. I'm originally from Ridgewood, and Joe's on Forest Ave. is my usual choice for pizza when I'm in the neighborhood--for sentimental reasons, plus it's always been good pizza. But I was in the area again last month and, just for a change of pace, I decided to check out the Rosa's on Fresh Pond. It's a nice place, the service was friendly and the variety of unusual yet appetizing-looking toppings is quite intriguing. But on this visit, I opted for "regular" slices and I found them very good, nice thin and cripy crust, good cheese-to-sauce ratio... Overall, a good example of classic New York "slice joint" pizza. I'd go there again without hesitation.

                  Kelly, you work at the bank that sits on the site of the Fresh Pond Diner? I miss that diner... My mom waitressed there in the early '70s and I have good memories of the place. I visited it--for the last time, as it turns out--three years ago. Sigh...

                  1. I used to get the chicken pot pies from there-- I miss it....

                    1. Thanks for this post, I have wondered about Rosa's since I always see it when going to the beer distributor across the street (good selection and prices). Now I will stop in and grab a pizza to take home and eat with the beers I just bought...

                      1. I've been going to Rosa's for years and always felt it had the best slices in town, even before they started introducing zany new combinations. Their grandma slice is gorgeous. I've grown to really like their chicken caesar salad slice (I know, not really pizza...but still delish). Hands down their sicilian slice is king. And it's just a hop, skip and a jump to Iavarone, another great spot for Italian items. I'd also advise to skip O'neill's. It's way too expensive for what they're serving. Their pizza is alright.

                        1. I finally got a chance to eat at Rosa's the vaunted Queens pizza joint, not bad, but not the amazing pizza everyone talks about. I tried their sicilian, and the sauce tasted like it came from a can, if you really think this place makes the best sicilian in New York you have never visited DiFara's or Spumoni Gardens, both places make a sicilian that is head and shoulders over this place. I might try the second Rosa's on Fresh Pond and Metropolitan Avenue.

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                          1. re: Foodie2010

                            I like the grandma slice alot from there, but haven't tried the regular square slice. Rosa's on Fresh Pond is pretty fine, too. As far as I'm concerned, totally different animal from Difara.

                            1. re: BackyardChef

                              Rosa's Sicilian is very similar to Spumoni Gardens, but SG makes fresher pizza, I have been to SG many times and never got a slice that had to be reheated.

                            2. re: Foodie2010

                              i think rosa's is close to perfection! it's the perfect pizza for take out if you're from queens.

                            3. Just had Rosa's Sicilian pizza now. Not sure why everyone is raving. Its not that good.
                              First its upside down. Sauce on top of cheese. I ordered a regular Sicilian.
                              Upside down pies don't appeal to me. It looks like vomit to be honest.
                              And the sauce, tastes like a salt lick. And looks like something you dip shrimp into not place on pizza.
                              The crust, was thicker than most Queens pizza shops crust but it was gooey and under cooked. I believe a good Sicilian pie has a crunchy bottom and center of crust should be soft. This was soft all the way through to outer crust.
                              I'll try there regular pie next, but Sicilian, never again. I hope the sauce is different though otherwise my blood pressure will spike with the amount of salt in it!

                              BTW, Had one slice and threw the rest of pie out. My wife agreed with me. Not all that good and really, not enjoyable or even edible with the salt levels they have in the sauce.

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                                i like the Sfincione and the eggplant slice.

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                                  the one in Ridgewood is good, get the grandma and the fresh mozzarella slice, and the ceaser salad chicken slice--all consistenly good, and also, good garlic knots.

                                2. One of my favorites at Rosa's is a white pizza with spinach. It's not on the menu, and they're never sure how much to charge for it, but it's loaded with ricotta, fresh mozzerella, sauteed garlic, and spinach

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                                      We go to the one on 69th St. near Grand Ave.

                                  1. Rosa's has been around forever, I grew up eating it just about 3 times a week, not because I had negligent parents, but because one of my cousins was a pizza man at Rosa's. You can get them to make the spinach pie, square and I haven't had it in years, but it's really good. You have to realize that Queens itself, and original local pizzerias are an entirely different thing from these new posh pizzerias. I like them as well, but at the same time the city is overrun with half rate slice shops. Rosa's makes up for them and specifically the one on Fresh Pond. Big second on the eggplant (heart attack) slice. The nice thing about the place is if you ask for something special or want "less salt" as someone commented, they will make it that way for you. Now to "top" this off, Sicilian Pizza and Grandma's Sicilian are also two totally different things. Yes, Sicilian of old, crusty, thick bubbly crust, sauce, cheese on top. Rosa's and now many other pizzerias serve a more traditional Italian/Sicilian version of pizza, the Grandma Slice. This is less thick, slightly chewy but with a crisp crust (ask for it well done, the neighborhood places are used to people thinking the "real" way is burnt), cheese on the light side, sauce--
                                    Really good pizza.