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Apr 23, 2006 12:46 AM

Anything to eat near Shea stadium?

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Does anyone have any suggestions on places to eat before a Mets game? Preferably something accessible by subway and no more than 2 or three subway stops away. But I would love to hear of any (and all) good restaurants in that part of Queens.

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  1. there is a little place i've heard of about one stop away from shea called "flushing..."

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      Actually, he asked for specific restaurants, not your sarcastic neighborhood response of "Flushing". If you're going to be sarcastic, at least be funny. That aside, there are many good Chinese restaurants in Flushing. Spicy and Tasty is a very good Sichuan style restaurant on Prince Street. many have lauded it on this site

    2. Leo's Latticini (aka Mama's) on 104th St near Corona Ave has good Italian heroes, homemade mozzarella, etc. They're only open during the day (and only 2 hours on Sunday), so it might work for you depending on game time. I've heard they've got a stand in Shea stadium as well. The Corona location is also close to the Lemon Ice King of Corona (108th St at Corona Ave) for some really good Italian ices. The walk to Shea is probably 20-30 min from there, but there is a #7 stop a few blocks away.

      There's also a large strech of Latin America restaurants on Roosevelt Ave from the 70s to about 110th. I've had some pretty good tacos at Tacos Mexico. There are apparently at least several standout restaurants in this stretch, but I haven't been able to sample them yet. Hopefully someone else will chime in with specifics.

      Leo's Latticini
      46-02 104th St

      Lemon Ice King of Corona
      52-02 108th St

      Tacos Mexico
      88-06 Roosevelt

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        I've heard (second hand so perhaps it is not accurate, but it comes from a good source) Leo's has closed. Shame if its true.

        I heard from the same source that it was Leo's who had provided the sausage sandwiches at Shea. Don't know who provides now. Never tried. Would have if I knew that Corona's Sausage (or something like that - what they call the stand at Shea) was really Corona sausage.

        Parkside is a good Italian restaurant, a couple of stops from Shea after a little walk to the 7 train. Not cheap eats but good old style Italian. Ballplayers and announcers eat here after games sometime.

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            I don't know about the sausage sandwiches at Shea but there were two stands that sold Mama's of Corona/Leo's mozzarella sandwiches. Does anyone know if those stands are still open?

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              Not true, just talked to Marie, they're closed on Mondays and begin vacation July 1st. I'll be down there starting tomorrow and look forward to some good eating. Contact me if you wanna know what I thought. I'm flying in from Sacramento originally from Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

          2. A great place with great food (hugh sandwiches) is a short walk away. The Pine Room inside The Holiday Inn. Good bar with a Mets theme. The owners name is Chuck and he and his staff is excellent. Walk under the 7 train (Roosevelt Ave) acrooss the Grand Central make your first right on the service road and the hotel is right down the block.