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Apr 19, 2006 05:06 PM

Going to BAM - Need recommendation for restaurant

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Hi Brooklyn Hounds - This Manhattan food lover would really appreciate all recommendations for dinner near BAM - Fort Greene, Park Slope, Atlantic Avenue:
My guests do not eat Thai, Chinese, Mexican, and prefer French, Italian, Japanese, California-American,
New York-American, 'fusion'(whatever that is!). The food is more important than the wine, booze or scene.


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    Ici on Dekalb. But dare I say...your friends are leading a deeply impoverished existence cutting out all those cuisines and you enabling them? I don't know what to think :)

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      I recommend Franny's on Flatbush Avenue between 6th and 7th Avenues (I think). I've been there twice now and I've had their pizza both times. The first time it was exquisite, but the 2nd time it wasn't as good. I would still go back there again in a second and in fact I may do so next month when me and my girlfriend will go to BAM.


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        Let's see how long THIS post survives :-)

    2. I've been going to Miriam's on 5th at Prospect Place. It's an easy walk to BAM, they open at 5:00, and you can dress however you want. I really enjoy the food, especially the hummus and any of the fish dishes.


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        Thomas Beisl is right across the street from BAM. It is an Austrian Bistro. Quite worthwhile. They have some very non-adventurous foods such as schnitzel as well as more exotic dishes like pork cheeks.

      2. For Italian I would recommend Scopello 63 Lafayette Avenue just 2 blocks from BAM Good food, nice atmosphere and they have a theater pre-fixe menu as well. For a light bite I would recommend Stonehome Wine Bar for panini, salads and wine and beer. they are at 87 lafayette avenue.

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          Scopello's website doesn't list prices. Are they similar to the Stonehome Wine Bar's?

        2. Scopello -- catercorner across Atlantic -- is perfectly decent Italian. Convivium, which is down on 5th Avenue, perhaps a 10-12 minute walk at most, is usually spectacular Portuguese/Mediterranean ("usually" meaning that there are occasional kitchen/waitstaff disasters, documented in other ChowHound posts; and you should also be advised that dining can be a leisurely experience here, which is not good if you have to make a curtain).

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            Joyce Goldstein

            For wonderful food I would vote for Convivium on Fifth Avenue in the Slope. You can eat lightly by sharing appetizers and a dessert or have a full meal. The choices are great AND the wine and atmosphere are wonderful.

            A very different place atmospherically but equally good food is Thomas Beisl a Viennese type establishment across the street.

            Definitely reserve for either of these places.

            I also like Melt which is not too far in the Slope. The food is simpler than Beisl or Convivium but care is taken and it is a nice place. I was only there a couple of times so I'm not sure how to characterize the food.

            I like the other suggestions...I'm going to have to try Scopello and the bar place w/Panini -- they both sound good too!