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Quaint in Sunnyside

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I just walked past a new restaurant called Quaint on skillman ave and 46th St. in Sunnyside. Has anyone been there yet?

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  1. I stopped in last week and they said they'd be open in 2 weeks.
    Do they have a menu posted yet?
    The owner said it would be "very casual American", which is definitely something we need in the neighborhood.

    1. It's a very nice place. Not as good as Bliss down the street, but about 1/2 the price. The service was very nice, even a little overwhelming- they sort of played tag-team so much we didn't know really who the server was. I had the pasta of the day which was a little bizarre- angel hair with mexican sausage. But the ceasar salad was really great (lots of garlic) and my wife had a great meal.

      Great addition to the neighborhood, and they have an outdoor area as well.

      1. Has anyone tried the brunch? I walked by yesterday and it said they have Sunday brunch, but I didn't see the menu so I'm curious.

        1. We just moved to Sunnyside 2 weeks ago. So far, Quaint is at the top of our extremely short list of places we've tried. My mussles were delicious! I then had the fish of the day with chick peas and swiss chard, which was just ok, but after a taste of my friend's steak, I know that that will be my entre of choice next visit. The wines were all tasty and inexpensive. We'll be back for sure.

          1. Finally made it into Quaint. I'll be back to try some more options, but I wasn't blown away by what I had this time around. The steak is very good. I had a taste of my friend's. The sauce is very nice. I ordered the calamari, which I thought was a bit bland. The flatbreads are okay. For dessert, I got the chocolate stout cake. Not impressed. Pretty tasteless. It was served with chocolate sorbet...I think a vanilla pairing would have been better. And the mint whipped cream didn't taste minty at all. However, the atmosphere is nice and lively, it's a great addition to the neighborhood. I'm hoping they'll change their menu here and there.

            1. Ate there last night with a friend from Manhattan & we both loved it- Had an awesome stuffed pork chop & my friend loved the cod. I had the flatbreads & we shared a custard for dessert. Everything was delicious & the waiter was nice. A nie friendly lowkey place.

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                i love the atmosphere in here. low-lights, open windows, nice garden.
                i've been a few times and have really enjoyed. nice cocktails. some standout dishes are the steak and the banana bread sundae...knocked my socks off.

              2. Anyone else frustrated that Quaint does not open for brunch until noon? By 12:00 my stomach is grumbling for that delicious french toast (if it's actually on the menu, that is!)...

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                  I think resturants are not allowed to serve alcohol before noon on Sundays. By the way, Quaint was reviewed in this week's Time Out mag. Pretty good review - 4 out of 6 stars.

                2. yes, a little earlier...let's say 11, at least would be a little better.
                  what's on the brunch menu?

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                    Who knows- we tried to go there for brunch last weekend (about 1pm) and they were closed. Actually, about 1/2 the time we try to go there it's closed. They don't open at all on some days of the week (Tues?)

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                      yeah i think tuesday is the one day it is closed. still haven't gotten to brunch there yet, although we are regulars for dinner now.