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Apr 19, 2006 02:09 AM

Quaint in Sunnyside

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I just walked past a new restaurant called Quaint on skillman ave and 46th St. in Sunnyside. Has anyone been there yet?

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  1. I stopped in last week and they said they'd be open in 2 weeks.
    Do they have a menu posted yet?
    The owner said it would be "very casual American", which is definitely something we need in the neighborhood.

    1. It's a very nice place. Not as good as Bliss down the street, but about 1/2 the price. The service was very nice, even a little overwhelming- they sort of played tag-team so much we didn't know really who the server was. I had the pasta of the day which was a little bizarre- angel hair with mexican sausage. But the ceasar salad was really great (lots of garlic) and my wife had a great meal.

      Great addition to the neighborhood, and they have an outdoor area as well.

      1. Has anyone tried the brunch? I walked by yesterday and it said they have Sunday brunch, but I didn't see the menu so I'm curious.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. We just moved to Sunnyside 2 weeks ago. So far, Quaint is at the top of our extremely short list of places we've tried. My mussles were delicious! I then had the fish of the day with chick peas and swiss chard, which was just ok, but after a taste of my friend's steak, I know that that will be my entre of choice next visit. The wines were all tasty and inexpensive. We'll be back for sure.